Top tech stories today: February 23, 2024

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1. Crypto exchange FTX to sell shares in AI startup Anthropic

A U.S. bankruptcy judge approved crypto exchange FTX’s move to sell its stake in AI startup Anthropic during a hearing on Thursday. Doing so will help the collapsed exchange’s creditors get closer to being made whole. (Reuters)

2. Bitcoin ETFs test investor commitment to gold-backed paper

 A surge of interest in bitcoin exchange-traded funds is prompting some investors to swap out holdings in gold-backed ETFs, although analysts and fund managers said they are unlikely to challenge bullion longer term. (Reuters)

3. Marathon Digital Holdings launches direct Bitcoin transaction submission service

Marathon Digital Holdings, a Bitcoin mining and digital asset technology company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, recently unveiled a new direct Bitcoin transaction submission service called “Slipstream. The new service was designed and implemented to facilitate and speed up large and/or non-standard Bitcoin transactions. (Cointelegraph)

4. Generative AI ‘commonplace in cloud business models’ – as Azure leads the way

More than seven in 10 cloud environments are employing managed AI services according to a new analysis, with the common use of OpenAI, be it directly or through Azure SDKs, suggesting that generative AI tools are ‘quickly becoming commonplace in cloud business models.’ (Cloud Computing News)

5. Vonage and AWS leverage communications and network APIs to deliver solutions

A collaboration between Ericsson-owned Vonage and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will bring together Vonage’s platform – based on communications Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and network APIs – Ericsson’s 5G network capabilities and AWS services. The collaboration aims to accelerate the availability of new solutions to millions of AWS developers through AWS Marketplace. (Cloud Computing News)

6. Nvidia adds record $277 billion in stock market value

Nvidia shares jumped 16%, adding about $277 billion in market capitalisation and bringing its total market value near $2 trillion. The addition in market value eclipsed the $197 billion gain made by Facebook-parent Meta at the start of the month. (Reuters)

7. Reddit’s US IPO filing reveals $90.8 million losses, 21% revenue growth in 2023

Reddit disclosed on Thursday that its net loss narrowed to $90.8 million and revenue growth was roughly 21% in 2023, as the social media company made its IPO filing public in the run-up to its highly anticipated planned U.S. stock market debut in March. (Yahoo)

8. Google upgrades AI product for advertisers with Gemini models

In November, Google introduced AI tools in Performance Max to create images and text for ads, such as descriptions for a brand’s products. With Gemini, brands will now be able to generate longer headlines for ads to capture a consumer’s attention, with headlines of up to 90 characters versus 30 characters previously. (Reuters)


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