Top tech stories today: February 12, 2024

1. Virgin Media probed over digital switchover rules

Ofcom is investigating Virgin Media over its compliance with rules to protect vulnerable customers during the digital switchover. The telecoms industry is currently changing landline services from analogue to digital. BBC News

2. Wildfire smoke is worsening air quality, and it’s becoming a global problem

Wildfire smoke exacerbates air pollution, impacting climate change. Researchers highlight the global scale of the issue, urging action to mitigate health and environmental consequences caused by worsening air quality due to wildfires. The Verge

3. Understanding seed funding in 2024: When, why, and how to get it

Comprehensive guide to seed funding in 2024 covers its timing, necessity, and acquisition process. Startups seeking initial capital can benefit from insights into navigating the competitive landscape of securing seed investments for their ventures. TechCrunch

4. Mozilla’s CEO steps down after six months, and it’s time to sound the alarm

Mozilla CEO resigns after a short tenure, raising concerns about the organization’s direction. The departure sparks discussions about Mozilla’s challenges and the broader implications for the future of the open web. The Register

5. Nuclear fusion breakthrough as reactor smashes energy record

Nuclear fusion experiment achieves significant energy output milestone, marking progress towards sustainable energy. The achievement brings hope for future clean energy solutions, though practical applications and scalability remain challenges. The Next Web

6. Facebook’s Meta anniversary: From Zuckerberg’s live stream to congressional scrutiny

Meta’s first anniversary since Facebook rebranding reflects on Zuckerberg’s live stream and social media’s regulatory challenges. Congress scrutinizes Meta’s handling of online abuse, highlighting ongoing concerns about platform responsibility and user safety. Vox

7. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. Google Pixel 8 Pro: Camera comparison

Camera comparison between Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Google Pixel 8 Pro assesses their imaging capabilities. Analysis helps consumers choose between flagship smartphones based on camera performance and features. CNET

8. Rayneo X2 Lite: A cautionary tale in smart glasses design

Rayneo X2 Lite smart glasses criticized as dystopian technology to avoid. Review underscores concerns about privacy, surveillance, and ethical implications associated with the design and use of augmented reality devices. TechRadar

9. Meet Goody, the AI chatbot striving to be the world’s most responsible

Goody AI chatbot prioritizes ethical decision-making and responsible interactions. Developed with a focus on social responsibility, Goody sets a precedent for AI development emphasizing ethical considerations and user well-being. Wired

10. US astronaut sets record for longest spaceflight by a woman

American astronaut surpasses the record for the longest spaceflight by a woman. The achievement reflects advancements in space exploration and highlights contributions of women in the field of astronautics. BBC News


James Durston

James Durston is the Editor-in-Chief for Blue Tech Wave, and a former editor and journalist for some of the world's biggest international media organisations.

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