Top tech stories today: December 4, 2023

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Here are the top technology stories around the world for December 4, 2023.

  1. Spotify announces 17% workforce reduction

    Spotify announces a 17% reduction in its workforce as part of cost-cutting measures to enhance profitability. The move raises questions about the music streaming giant’s future strategies in a competitive market. (The Verge)

  2. Legal challenges hit TikTok ban

    TikTok faces legal challenges as courts issue fresh blows to the attempts to ban the popular social media app, highlighting ongoing debates about privacy and national security concerns. (CNN)

  3. Google delays Gemini AI launch

    Google postpones the launch of its Gemini AI to 2024, aiming for a more refined and impactful debut of its advanced artificial intelligence technology. (Yahoo Finance)

  4. Apple urgently releases iOS update

    Apple issues an urgent iOS update due to a critical vulnerability, emphasizing the importance of prompt software updates for user security and device integrity. (Yahoo Finance)

  5. OpenAI GPT Store launch delayed

    OpenAI delays the launch of its GPT Store to early 2024, citing undisclosed reasons and creating anticipation for the release of the advanced language models. (Times of India)

  6. Thailand and Hong Kong introduce cross-border QR payments

    Thailand and Hong Kong launch cross-border QR payments, enhancing financial connectivity and convenience for individuals and businesses operating across the two regions. (Channel News Asia)

  7. World’s biggest nuclear fusion reactor achieves online status

    The JT-60SA Tokamak, a fusion research project, goes online, marking a significant step forward in the global pursuit of sustainable and clean energy through nuclear fusion. (The Register)

  8. MediaTek’s AI chips personalize phones

    MediaTek unveils AI-powered chips aiming to provide highly personalized experiences on mobile devices, showcasing the increasing integration of artificial intelligence in consumer technology. (CNET)

  9. Paying off $26,000 credit card debt with balance transfer card

    A personal finance story shares insights on successfully paying off significant credit card debt using a balance transfer card, offering lessons for others seeking financial freedom. (CNET)

  10. NASA’s Dragonfly space mission

    NASA’s Dragonfly mission plans to explore Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, using a drone-like rotorcraft, with the goal of understanding prebiotic chemistry and potential extraterrestrial life. (Mashable)

  11. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leak reveals super-thin display bezels

    Leaked information about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra suggests the flagship phone will feature an ultra-thin display bezel, showcasing Samsung’s commitment to cutting-edge design. (TechRadar)

  12. Amazon swallows pride for satellite launch

    Amazon compromises its pride to ensure timely launches of its internet satellites, highlighting the competitive challenges in the satellite industry and the importance of meeting deployment schedules. (Engadget)

  13. How tech resurrects ancient ruins

    Technology plays a role in resurrecting ancient ruins, showcasing how modern innovations contribute to preserving and understanding historical heritage. (The Next Web)

  14. OpenAI combats chatbot attacks

    OpenAI addresses prompt injection attacks on its custom chatbots, aiming to enhance the security and reliability of AI-driven conversational systems. (Wired)

  15. OpenAI acquires AI chips startup

    OpenAI, led by Sam Altman, acquires a startup specializing in AI chips, signaling strategic moves in hardware development to complement its advanced artificial intelligence models. (Wired)

  16. Climate tech startups resurge

    Climate tech startups experience a resurgence, with increased optimism about their ability to address environmental challenges and contribute to sustainable solutions. (Technology Review)

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