Top tech stories today: December 13, 2023

No need to sift through the web for crucial stories – we’ve got you covered. Here are the key global technology highlights for December 13, 2023.

1. Meta’s AI for Ray-Ban smart glasses can identify objects and translate languages

Today, Meta announced that it’s going to start rolling out its multimodal AI features that can tell you about things Meta’s AI assistant can see and hear through the camera and microphones of the glasses. Meta is finally going to let people try its splashiest AI features for the Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses, though in an early access test to start.Mark Zuckerberg and CTO Andrew Bosworth demonstrate some features in insgram reels.(The Verge)

2. Apple’s new iPhone security setting keeps thieves out of your digital accounts

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has included a new stolen device protection feature in its iOS 17.3 beta that requires authentication via Face ID or Touch ID to perform certain actions when enabled.Apparently, Apple is making it harder for iPhone thieves to access your personal information once they have your device passcode.(The Verge)

3. Spotify to host Warner Bros Discovery podcasts

Warner Bros Discovery said Tuesday that music-streaming giant Spotify will host the media group’s podcasts as part of its profitability driver.Megaphone, Spotify’s enterprise podcast platform, will host Warner Bros. ‘Discovery Channel podcasts that will be monetized through the Spotify Audience Network.(Reuters)

4. Meta used copyrighted books for AI training despite its own lawyers’ warnings, authors allege

Lawyers at Meta Platforms had warned it of the legal risks of using thousands of pirated books to train its AI models but it did so anyway, according to a new document in a copyright infringement lawsuit first filed this summer,Accused Meta of using their work without permission to train their AI language model Llama.(Lumi News)

5. Azon to defend iRobot buy at Dec 18 EU hearing, source says

On Dec. 18, Amazon will defend its $1.4 billion deal to acquire iRobot, a maker of sweeping robots.A directly know about the matter, he says, is three weeks ago, the European Union antitrust regulators, said the deal may crowd out its online robot cleaners on the market competition.(Reuters)

6. Ukraine’s top mobile operator hit by biggest cyberattack of war so far

Ukraine’s largest mobile network operator suffered the biggest cyber attack of the war with Russia to date on Tuesday, disabling mobile Internet services for millions of people and air-raid warning systems in parts of Kiev.Its chief executive Oleksandr Komarov said the attack was a “result” of the war with Russia and said it was unclear when Kyivstar would be able to restore connectivity.(The Star)

7. Cryptoverse: Bitcoin defies its doubters in 2023

Bitcoin has rebounded sharply amid depressed cryptocurrency prices, low trading volumes and tough economic conditions. After the summer slump, there was even a second recovery in October. The cryptocurrency king has jumped 164% since January 1, trading above $40,000. It outperformed traditional assets, with gold up 10% and the S&P 500 up 20%.(The Star)

8. Gogoro to make e-scooter bikes in India, rolls out battery swap network

Taiwan’s Gogoro has started producing electric motorcycles in India and will set up about 100 battery swapping stations by mid-2024, its chief executive said on Tuesday, marking its entry into one of the world’s fastest-growing automotive markets.The federal government wants to 2030 electric cars accounted for 70% of all new two rounds of car sales, and provide buyers with a cash bonus.(The Star)

9. Apple tightens passcode security on iPhones to thwart thieves

Apple has added a new feature to the iPhone called Stolen Device Protection, which limits what thieves can do with stolen phones and stolen passwords. As reported by Wall Street Journal reporter Joanna Stern earlier this year, the feature was included in the iOS 17.3 beta and is now available to developers.(Yahoo Finance)

10. Xiaomi accuses Huawei exec of misrepresenting facts in smartphone patent spat

On Tuesday, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi said a Huawei executive had grossly misrepresented the truth by saying a rival had not fully respected patents.Xiaomi, China’s No. 5 smartphone maker, says its hinge technology has been developed completely independently. Huawei, China’s sixth-largest smartphone maker, did not immediately respond.(Reuters)

11. Nvidia Sees Vietnam as potential second home

According to reports in Vietnam, Nvidia (Nvidia corp.) chief executive jen-hsun Huang (Jensen Huang) will be in Vietnam as a potential second headquarters of the silicon valley company, and plans to open a legal entity in the southeast Asian countries.(Bloomberg)

12. Google loses monopoly case to Fortnite maker Epic Games

The maker of the hugely popular video game Fortnite has won a US court battle with Google, Epic Games sued Google in 2020, after which Google said it would challenge the outcome. However, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney welcomed the verdict.The court will begin considering compensation in January, he said. The jury unanimously found in favor of Epic on all counts.(BBC News)

13. E3: Once world’s biggest gaming show permanently axed

E3, once the biggest game show in the world, has been permanently cancelled.

It was previously cancelled after professionals said 2023 was “tough”.This was confirmed by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the industry body that hosts E3″In its heyday, E3 was seen as an unmissable event”, adds Liv McMahon.(BBC News)

14. Bezos’ Blue Origin aiming to make long-awaited return to launch next week

Blue Origin, which aims to finally end more than 15 months of operation with its newly launched suborbital rocket, announced today that it will begin an unmanned mission on December 18.The company confirmed the news on its social media account after Bloomberg reported the new target date for the internal email.(Tech Crunch)

15. Ofcom proposes ban on UK telcos making ‘inflation-linked’ price hikes

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom is proposing new rules that will crack down hard on companies that implement inflation-linked price increases into their contracts, saying pricing should be more transparent to customers.Ofcom has noted that an increasing number of service providers have written price increases into their contract terms to allow for annual price increases linked to future inflation.(The Register)

16. Panasonic’s new powder-powered batteries will supercharge EVs

California company Sila will supply Panasonic with a US-made silicon powder for electric car batteries, potentially cutting overall charging times and even reducing reliance on China.Sila’s Titan silicon anode powder will consist of micrometer-sized nanostructured silicon particles and replace graphite in conventional lithium-ion batteries. The electric car switch can intermittently travel 500 miles after 10 minutes of charging. In addition, anode switches require new manufacturing techniques. Black Powder’s latest Whoop activity-tracking wearable has a battery life of five days.(Wired)

17. Two former Department of Energy staffers warn we’re doing carbon removal all wrong

The carbon removal industry is just getting started, but some experts warn it’s already headed in the wrong direction.Profit-driven industry focus on cleaning up corporate emissions will come at the cost of helping to pull the planet back from dangerous levels of warming.(Technology Review)


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