Top tech news stories today: May 31, 2024

Apple unveils major AI advancements for Siri, and Google plans to release Gemini Nano for Pixel 8a soon. SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce proposes a “sandbox” for digital securities experimentation.


1. SEC Commissioner pitches safe space for digital securities experiment

SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce proposed a “sandbox” for U.S. and U.K. blockchain firms to experiment with tokenised securities without regulatory threats. (Cointelegraph)

2. Nigerian crypto community raises alarm over Davido meme token

Davido’s management of his newly launched meme token, DAVIDO, has faced criticism from the Nigerian crypto community. He made a substantial profit quickly by selling the token, raising concerns about a potential pump-and-dump scheme. (Cointelegraph)

IT infrastructure

3. Singapore to free up 300MW for data centres

Singapore lifted a moratorium in 2022 to encourage sustainable expansion. In 2023, 80MW was allocated to major firms. The new Green Data Centre Roadmap will add 300MW and promote green energy, despite Singapore’s reliance on natural gas. (Capacity)

4. Tunisie Telecom picks Sparkle for new European IP transit route

Tunisie Telecom has partnered with Sparkle to establish a new high-performance IP transit route from Sicily to Milan. This agreement enhances their historical collaboration, offering Tunisian consumers and businesses superior, low-latency internet solutions and diversified international connectivity. (Sparkle)

Tech trends

5. TikTok preparing a US copy of the app’s core algorithm, sources say

TikTok is working on separating its recommendation algorithm’s code for U.S. users from ByteDance, aiming to address U.S. lawmakers’ concerns about data privacy. The split aims to create an independent U.S. operation, though challenges remain. (Market Screener)


6. Hundreds of thousands of US internet routers destroyed in newly discovered 2023 hack

An unidentified hacking group launched a massive cyberattack on a U.S. telecommunications company in October, disabling over 600,000 internet routers. Lumen Technologies’ Black Lotus Labs discovered the incident, which targeted Arkansas-based ISP Windstream, causing significant disruptions in rural areas. The malicious firmware update was a deliberate act to cause an outage. (Reuters)


7. Apple’s Siri might be able to control applications in iOS 18

At WWDC 2024, Apple is expected to unveil major AI advancements, particularly for Siri. The upgraded Siri, rolling out with iOS 18, will control various app elements and handle specific tasks, initially limited to Apple-made apps. (Tech Radar)


8. Google’s Gemini Nano could launch on the Pixel 8a as early as next month

Google is set to release Gemini Nano for the Pixel 8 and 8a soon, potentially within days. Android Authority found new toggles in the AICore app settings that enable on-device GenAI features, hinting at imminent support. (Tech Radar)

9. Robots play soccer at Geneva AI showcase

The AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva demonstrated AI’s transformative potential, showcasing applications from flood forecasting to healthcare. Highlights included robots playing football, adaptive prosthetic limbs, and devices aiding the visually impaired. (Rappler)

10. OpenAI has stopped five attempts to misuse its AI for ‘deceptive activity’

OpenAI, led by Sam Altman, reported disrupting five covert influence operations using its AI models for deceptive activities online. These campaigns, involving actors from Russia, China, Iran, and Israel, aimed to manipulate public opinion on issues like Ukraine, Gaza, and elections. (Aol.)

11. Big Tech develops AI networking standard but without chip leader Nvidia

The “Ultra Accelerator Link” aims to establish an open standard for AI accelerator communication, with members like Google, Cisco, and Intel, excluding Nvidia and Marvell. (IT News)

12. EU watchdog says banks must take full responsibility when using AI

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) stated that EU banks and investment firms must uphold boardroom responsibility and legal obligations to protect customers when using AI. (U.S.News)

13. Blame the SSD price hike on enterprise demand for AI servers

The NAND flash industry saw a 28.1% revenue increase in Q1 2024, driven by SSD demand for AI servers. Samsung led with $5.4 billion in revenue, while SK Group saw a 31.9% increase. (The Register)


14. Google, augmented reality startup Magic Leap strike partnership deal

Alphabet’s Google and Magic Leap have formed a strategic partnership to develop immersive AR experiences, blending physical and digital worlds. (Yahoo!Finance)


15. Blecon unveils Bluetooth LE-based IoT connectivity solution

Blecon, founded by experts from ARM, AWS, and Microsoft, has launched a new IoT connectivity solution based on Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). This solution aims to simplify and democratise Bluetooth LE for IoT applications. (IoT News)


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