Top tech news stories today: May 21, 2024

Discover these and other transformative stories, including Microsoft’s launch of AI-optimised Copilot+ PCs, Google’s billion-euro investment in Finnish data centres, and Archer Aviation’s ambitious plans for flying taxis in the UAE.


1. Bitcoin rises to $70,206

Bitcoin surged to $70,206 on Monday, marking an 82.3% increase from its January low. Ether also rose 13.3% to $3500. The launch of spot bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. this year has renewed investor interest, reversing the downturn experienced during the 2022 “crypto winter.” (Yahoo! Finance)

2. Venture capital funding in crypto rises to $2.4 bln, PitchBook says

Venture capital funding for cryptocurrency startups surged to $2.4 billion in Q1 2024, a 40.3% increase from the previous quarter. This growth was driven by the debut of the first U.S. bitcoin spot ETF, boosting investor confidence. (Econo Times)

3. Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor lied ‘repeatedly’ to support claim, says UK judge

An Australian computer scientist, Craig Wright, was found by London’s High Court to have lied extensively and forged documents to falsely claim he invented Bitcoin. Judge James Mellor ruled the evidence against Wright was “overwhelming,” concluding his actions were part of a grand deception to claim the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. (U.S. News)

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4. RIPE 88 takes place this week

RIPE 88 has commenced in Kraków and online, running from 20-24 May 2024. This meeting celebrates 35 years since the first RIPE Meeting, marking a significant milestone in the organisation’s history. (RIPE NCC)

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5. Google invests 1 billion euros in Finnish data centre to drive AI growth

Alphabet-owned Google will invest an additional 1 billion euros in expanding its data centre campus in Fi-nland to boost AI business growth in Europe. Finland’s rapid wind power capacity increase supports the renewable energy needs of such data centres. (Reuters)

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6. Ukraine’s Kyivstar allocated $90 million to deal with cyberattack aftermath

Ukraine’s mobile operator, Kyivstar, allocated $90 million to address a significant Russian cyberattack in December. This hack, the largest on telecom infrastructure globally, disrupted mobile services for millions. (Aol.)

7. Indonesia minister says Musk to consider offer to build EV battery plant in country

Indonesia proposed to Tesla CEO Elon Musk the construction of an EV battery plant in the nickel-rich country. Musk, attending a water conference in Bali, expressed potential interest. Indonesia aims to leverage its vast nickel reserves for EV production, seeking to produce 600,000 electric vehicles by 2030. (AP News)


8. Microsoft announces an Arm-powered Surface Laptop

At Microsoft’s AI event, new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop models were unveiled, featuring OLED displays and Snapdragon X Elite and Plus processors. The Surface Pro is 90% faster than its predecessor, while the Surface Laptop is 86% faster. (The Digital Lifestyle)


10. Microsoft debuts ‘Copilot+’ PCs with AI features

Microsoft debuted Copilot+, a standard for AI-optimised PCs, at its Redmond headquarters. The first Copilot+ PCs, featuring Qualcomm processors and enhanced security, will ship with over 40 built-in AI models. Key features include Recall for information search and Cocreator for graphic design. The devices launch on June 18. (Silicon Angle)

11. Dell deepens AI push with new PCs, Nvidia-powered servers

Dell Technologies unveiled AI-enabled PCs powered by Qualcomm processors and announced a new server supporting Nvidia’s latest chips, available in the second half of 2024. The AI PCs feature Qualcomm Snapdragon X series chips and NPUs. Two of the five new PCs are available for pre-order. (Yahoo! Finance)

12. OpenAI is ‘in conversations’ with Scarlett Johansson over the ChatGPT voice that sounds just like her

OpenAI pulled a ChatGPT voice that sounded too similar to Scarlett Johansson after discussions with her representatives. Johansson confirmed she declined an offer to voice the system. OpenAI apologised for the miscommunication and emphasised their intent was not to mimic her. (The Verge)

13. Google CEO Sundar Pichai on AI-powered search and the future of the web

In a recent interview, Google CEO Sundar Pichai discussed the company’s AI integration across its products, highlighted at the Google I/O conference. A major announcement was AI Overviews in Search, set to launch globally by year-end, which could transform web traffic dynamics. (The Verge)


14. Aramco enhances industrial IoT and AI with Qualcomm’s expertise

Aramco and Qualcomm Technologies have partnered to enhance connectivity, AI, and advanced computing for industrial use in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration aims to develop industrial 4G/5G and non-terrestrial networks, accelerate IoT solutions adoption, and drive digital transformation. (IoT News)

15. Flying taxi company signs deal to train pilots for UAE operations

Archer Aviation has partnered with Etihad Training to recruit and train pilots for its Midnight electric aerial vehicles in the UAE. Announced at the Future Aviation Forum in Riyadh, this partnership supports Archer’s plans to establish urban air mobility operations across the UAE, backed by significant investments from the Abu Dhabi Investment Office. (IoT World Today)

16. Kodiak Robotics, Textron Systems develop self-driving military vehicle

Kodiak Robotics and Textron Systems are partnering to develop a new driverless military vehicle, integrating Kodiak’s autonomous tech into a purpose-built prototype. This collaboration, revealed at the Future Aviation Forum, aims to showcase AI-powered capabilities in military environments, enhancing operational efficiency and supporting military applications globally. (IoT World Today)


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