Top tech news stories today: May 13, 2024

Today in tech is buzzing with breakthroughs and challenges: FTX promises a major financial turnaround, the UN steps up for human rights in tech, and Dell’s stunning new laptops leak.


1. FTX says most customers of the bankrupt crypto exchange will get all their money back

FTX’s reorganisation plan suggests that most creditors, covering 98% with claims up to $50,000, will recover approximately 118% of their claims. This plan, still awaiting bankruptcy court approval, comes after the company raised funds by liquidating assets. (CNBC)

Internet governance

2. UN report calls for new era for digital governance in which tech standards respect human rights

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ report emphasises the importance of integrating human rights considerations into technical standard-setting processes. It highlights the potential of standards to affect human rights and advises against endorsing standards that may infringe upon these rights. (IETF)

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3. Gaze upon Dell’s leaked Qualcomm X Elite-powered laptops

Dell’s upcoming notebook lineup, featuring Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X Elite processors, has been leaked ahead of Microsoft’s event. The images reveal slimmer laptops, including a sleek Dell XPS 13 9345 and a more robust Inspiron 14 7441 Plus. (The Verge)

4. Musk’s Starlink satellites disrupted by major solar storm

Starlink, a major player in satellite internet, is experiencing “degraded service” due to the most severe geomagnetic storm in two decades. The storm, noted by NOAA as the largest since 2003, poses risks to satellite navigation and global internet coverage, challenging Starlink’s extensive network of satellites. (Reuters)

5. Edotco eyes macro telecom towers in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s proposed amendment to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Act could significantly expand the country’s telecom infrastructure by allowing third parties to construct macro telecom sites. This change aims to increase tower construction, enhance rural connectivity, and attract foreign investment. (Capacity)


6. OpenAI could debut a multimodal AI digital assistant soon

OpenAI is reportedly set to showcase a new multimodal AI model that combines object recognition and conversational capabilities, potentially outperforming current models in image and audio interpretation. (The Verge)

7. Sam Altman shoots down reports of search engine launch ahead of Google I/O

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has clarified that the upcoming announcement on Monday is neither about GPT-5 nor a search engine, despite contrary reports. Instead, the focus will be on ChatGPT and updates to GPT-4, with Altman teasing the reveal as “magic.” (The Verge)

8. U.K. agency releases tools to test AI model safety

The U.K. Safety Institute has introduced Inspect, an open-source AI evaluation toolset under the MIT License, aiming to enhance AI safety. This tool, described as a first from a state-backed entity, facilitates industry-wide AI model assessments by providing components for testing and scoring. (Tech Crunch)

9. Millions of IoT devices at risk from flaws in integrated cellular modem

Millions of IoT devices across various sectors are vulnerable due to flaws in Telit’s Cinterion modems, with the most severe allowing remote code execution through SMS. (Dark Reading)

10. Apple Store workers in Maryland vote to authorise strike

Apple Store workers in Towson, Maryland, the first of the company’s retail locations to unionize, voted to authorize a strike over unresolved issues like unpredictable scheduling and wages not aligned with the local cost of living. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers represents these workers, emphasizing their commitment to worker rights and welfare. (CNN)


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