Top tech news stories today: March 8, 2024

From groundbreaking advancements in artificial intelligence to the latest in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and beyond, we keep you informed and engaged with these summaries of the top tech stories today.

1. UAE’s RAK DAO and Tencent Cloud ink deal to boost crypto startups

Tecent Cloud, the cloud services division of Tencent, has solidified its goal of fostering startup growth in the United Arab Emirates’ crypto-focused free economic zone. Through the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed with the Ras Al Khaimah Digital Asset Oasis (RAK DAO), Tencent Cloud aims to explore avenues for mutual growth. (Cointelegraph)

2. Greek stock exchange eyes Sui blockchain for on-chain fundraising tool

The Greek stock exchange, represented by the Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX), has unveiled plans to introduce its innovative electronic book building (EBB) tool, with a twist: it will be built on the Sui blockchain ecosystem. (Cointelegraph))

3. Cryptography startup Zama raises $73M to protect data privacy

French cryptography startup Zama secured $73 million in a Series A funding round led by industry investors Multicoin Capital and Protocol Labs. CEO Rand Hindi unveiled the ambitious plans to advance Zama’s Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) technology. (Cointelegraph)

4. Is Tesla buying bitcoin again? BTC wallet data sparks curiosity

The recent addition of Tesla’s bitcoin wallet has reignited discussion within the crypto community regarding Tesla’s bitcoin holdings. As of the latest data, Tesla’s wallet currently contains approximately 11,509 BTC. (Cointelegraph)

5. Seven cloud computing trends that will define 2024

In 2024, the cloud computing landscape will undergo transformative shifts driven by AI integration, economic challenges, and evolving data regulations. Trends include exponential cloud spending, simplified networks via Software Defined Cloud Interconnection (SDCI), AI as a Service adoption, and so on. (Datacentre Dynamcis)

6. Atom-powered cloud: Amazon data centre gets 100% nuclear boost

The cloud computing division of the global tech giant, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has reached an agreement to acquire a nuclear-powered data centre in Pennsylvania for $650 million. (Interesting Engineering)

7. Dell ISG President Arthur Lewis on data gravity and the big drag of GenAI

Arthur Lewis, President of Dell’s Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG), highlights the significance of cost, performance, and security policies, revealing that 83 percent of global data remains on-premises. This data gravity aligns with Dell’s dominance in servers and storage. (CRN)

8. Microsoft’s new Windows 365 Customer Lockbox feature will keep Cloud PCs more secure

Microsoft expands accessibility to its Windows 365 services, offering Cloud PCs running Windows 11 for remote workers. With the introduction of Windows 365 Customer Lockbox, users gain control over access to their Cloud PCs for service issues. (Neowin)

9. Driving banking digital transformation with strong IT infrastructure and oracle innovations: Javed Tapia, Chairman, Clover Infotech

Javed Tapia, Chairman of Clover Infotech, sheds light on the company’s pivotal role in driving digital transformation within the banking sector in an exclusive interview with Express Computer. Tapia underscores the integration of robust IT infrastructure and Oracle technologies. (Express Computer)

10. In new disclosure, LinkedIn says premium subscriptions bring in $1.7 billion

LinkedIn, under Microsoft’s ownership since 2016, reveals its premium subscription business revenue for the first time, hitting $1.7 billion in 2023. This disclosure accompanies LinkedIn’s overall fiscal performance, which reached $15 billion in 2023, with a significant portion attributed to hiring software for corporate recruiters. (Reuters)

11. US House to vote next week on TikTok crackdown bill

The U.S. House of Representatives moves swiftly to advance legislation requiring China’s ByteDance to divest from TikTok within six months or face a U.S. ban, following unanimous approval by the Energy and Commerce Committee. (Reuters)

12. India announces $1.2 bln investment in AI projects

India announced a significant investment of 103 billion rupees ($1.25 billion) into artificial intelligence projects, aimed at enhancing computing infrastructure and developing large language models. (Reuters)

13. Google sets up first Asia-Pacific cybersecurity base in Tokyo, Nikkei reports

Google establishes its inaugural cybersecurity base in Tokyo, marking its first in the Asia-Pacific region, according to the Nikkei newspaper. The facility will serve as a hub for computer engineers from across the region to collaborate and study cyber countermeasures. (Reuters)

14. South Korea probes data protection by e-commerce platforms like AliExpress, Temu

South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission announces an investigation into the consumer data practices of major overseas shopping platforms, including Alibaba’s AliExpress and Temu. (Reuters)


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