Top tech news stories today: March 21, 2024

Keep up with the latest tech trends, exploring the future with us together. You will see Hong Kong’s CBDC trial, SpaceX building US spy satellites, Nvidia expanding their partnership, and Intel’s investment in the US. 

1. Apple co-founder wins against YouTube in bitcoin scam lawsuit

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has won the latest round in a court battle against YouTube over the use of doctored videos featuring his likeness used in a Bitcoin scam in 2020. The latest appeals court verdict overruled a lower court judgment that absolved YouTube of any responsibility. (Cointelegraph)

2. Hong Kong’s CBDC trial and Ant’s blockchain are helping to digitise shipping 

With the recent launch of its prototype product in collaboration with fintech giant Ant Group, Hong Kong-based Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN) aims to prove that blockchain can fully digitise a critical process in the shipping industry. (SCMP)

3. XT.COM & Cobak are partners in creating a new crypto ecosystem

A global crypto asset exchange with 9 million monthly active members, and Cobak, the leading blockchain social community with 500,000 Korea crypto users, officially announced a partnership on March 15th to create a new crypto ecosystem and stimulate the blockchain market. (Yahoo Finance)

4. AWS working with Indian startups to solve world

Cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) is working closely with India. Cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services(AWS) is working closely with Indian startups to export their “great ideas” and innovation to markets like the US. (ETCIO)

5. SpaceX Is Building US spy satellites in $1.8 billion contract, alarming China

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is reportedly building a spy network for the US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) consisting of hundreds of satellites as part of a classified government contract. A Chinese military account calls it an example of ‘double standards.’ (PCMag)

6. Nvidia expands partnership with hyperscalers to boost AI training and development 

Nvidia is extending its existing partnerships with hyperscalers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, to make available its latest GPUs and foundational large language models (LLMs), and to integrate its software across their platforms. (NETWORKWORLD)

7. Samsung electronics expects $100 million or more in sales from the advanced chip packaging business

Samsung electronics expects $100 million or more of revenue from its next batch of advanced chip-packaging products this year, co-CEO Kye-Hyun Kyung said on Wednesday. Samsung set up advanced chip packaging as a business unit last year, and Kyung said he expects the results of Samsung’s investment to come out in earnest from the second half of this year. (REUTERS)

8. Russia warns United States use of SpaceX for spying makes its satellites a target

Russia said on Wednesday that it knew about U.S. intelligence efforts to use commercial satellite operators such as SpaceX and cautioned that such moves made their satellites legitimate targets. (REUTERS)

9. Apple boss Tim Cook visits Shanghai with China sales under pressure

Apple CEO Tim Cook hailed China’s importance in the firm’s supply chain as he met suppliers including BYD Electronics on Wednesday. On a visit that comes amid a drop in China sales for the iPhone maker. (REUTERS)

10. Intel prepares for $100 billion spending spree across four US states

Intel is planning a $100-billion spending spree across four U.S. states to build and expand factories after securing $19.5 billion in federal grants and loans – and hopes to secure another $25 billion in tax breaks. (REUTERS)

11. Dutch high tech firm VDL to build a factory in Vietnam

Dutch high tech firm VDL will build a new factory to make semiconductor manufacturing components in Vietnam, it said on Wednesday, as the Asian country grows in importance as an assembly and packaging hub in the chipmaking industry. (REUTERS


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