Top tech news stories today: June 03, 2024

Dutch digital bank Bunq seeks a U.K. banking license by early 2024. Polish Press Agency hit by a Russian cyberattack. Trend Micro collaborates with Nvidia on AI cybersecurity tools. Donald Trump joins TikTok, gaining 2.1 million followers in 24 hours.


1. Bitcoin post-halving run may reach $130K by September 2025

Crypto trader Peter Brandt predicts Bitcoin could reach $130,000 to $150,000 between late August and early September 2025, following past post-halving bull cycles. (Cointelegraph)

2. Crypto ‘re-staking’ platforms boom as traders chase bigger returns

EigenLayer’s re-staking platform has attracted over $18 billion in cryptocurrency, up from $400 million six months ago. The practice, while promising higher yields, is viewed as risky by analysts. Potential issues include market destabilisation due to collateral loops and hidden risks in lending protocols. (The Star)


3. Bunq, the $1.8 billion European neobank, hopes to secure licence for UK expansion this year

Dutch digital bank Bunq aims to secure a U.K. banking license by late 2023 or early 2024, according to CEO Ali Niknam. Forced to exit the U.K. due to Brexit, Bunq is reentering the market to serve British digital nomads. (CNBC)

Internet governance

4. The RIPE NCC hosted Internet Measurement Day Uzbekistan

On 29 May 2024, the RIPE NCC, in collaboration with ICANN and Inha University, hosted Internet Measurement Day in Uzbekistan. The event, featuring over 50 participants from various sectors, highlighted topics like RIPE Atlas and Internet resilience. (RIPE NCC)

IT infrastructure

5. Polish news agency probably hit by Russian cyberattack, minister says

On May 31, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) was targeted in a Russian-backed cyberattack, falsely announcing a partial mobilisation order by PM Donald Tusk. Authorities, including Deputy PM Krzysztof Gawkowski, identified it as disinformation aimed at destabilising society before the EU elections. (Yahoo!News)

6. Taiwan accuses Chinese Apple supplier of trying to illegally poach tech talent

Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau accused Luxshare Precision Industry and Zhejiang Dahua Technology of illegally operating in Taiwan and poaching tech talent. Luxshare was previously charged with stealing secrets from Catcher Technology. (The Standard)

Tech trends

7. Trend Micro taps Nvidia software tools for AI cybersecurity offering

Trend Micro, in collaboration with Nvidia, is developing AI-powered cybersecurity tools to protect data centres handling AI tasks. Unveiled at Computex, these tools, running on Nvidia chips, aim to detect intrusions and safeguard sensitive data, ensuring only authorized access. (KFGO)

8. Donald Trump joins TikTok and rapidly wins two million followers

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump joined TikTok, the app he attempted to ban in 2020. Despite his recent conviction on 34 felony counts, his debut video at a UFC event gained over 36 million views and 2.1 million followers in 24 hours. (Vanity Fair)

9. Tesla shareholder sues Musk for alleged $7.5 billion insider trading

Tesla investor Michael Perry’s lawsuit claims Elon Musk used insider information about Tesla’s fourth-quarter delivery shortfall when selling over $7.5 billion in stock in November and December 2022. (Forbes)


10. Nvidia says its next-generation AI chip platform to be rolled out in 2026

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced plans to release new AI chips annually, starting with the Blackwell Ultra in 2025 and the Rubin chip in 2026, featuring new GPUs and the Vera CPU. (Market Watch)

11. Dell shares slump as heavy AI investments expected to dent margin

Dell Technologies shares fell 18% on Friday due to anticipated quarterly profit declines from heavy AI investments. The company may lose over $21 billion in market value, despite an 80% rise this year. (Reuters)

12. Hugging Face says it detected ‘unauthorised access’ to its AI model hosting platform

AI startup Hugging Face disclosed a security breach involving unauthorised access to its Spaces platform. The intrusion potentially exposed private keys, leading Hugging Face to revoke several tokens as a precaution. (Tech Crunch)


13. Instagram tests ‘trial reels’ that don’t display to a creator’s followers

Instagram is testing “trial reels,” allowing creators to experiment with content without displaying it on their profiles. This feature, currently in global tests, enables creators to gauge performance metrics before deciding to share or archive the reel. (Tech Crunch)


14. Rokid eclipses AR Glasses Kickstarter goal

Rokid Inc. surpassed its Kickstarter goal for the ‘Rokid AR Lite’ glasses, achieving 1,925% of its target from 776 backers, raising around $385K from a $20K goal. (XR Today)


15. Magic Leap partners with Google in renewed AR push

Magic Leap announced a strategic partnership with Google to enhance immersive AR experiences. This collaboration aims to combine Magic Leap’s expertise in optics and manufacturing with Google’s AI technologies. (IoT News)


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