Top tech news stories today: February 26, 2024

1. Samsung’s Big Ambitions for the Galaxy Ring

Samsung plans to incorporate more health features and AR capabilities into its Galaxy Ring smart ring, aiming for a broader appeal beyond conventional wearables. (Source: The Verge)

2. Google Announces New Accessibility and Productivity Features at MWC

Google introduces accessibility tools like Live Caption for Pixel phones and productivity features for Workspace, emphasizing inclusivity and efficiency at Mobile World Congress. (Source: TechCrunch)

3. Web Archive User Shocked by BigQuery Bill

A user’s innocent curiosity led to a colossal BigQuery bill after making an uninformed query to the Wayback Machine’s dataset, highlighting the potential pitfalls of cloud services. (Source: The Register)

4. Exploring Vice’s Legacy and the Permanence of the Internet

An analysis delves into Vice’s historical significance, underscoring the enduring impact of online content and the complex relationship between digital platforms and cultural memory. (Source: 404 Media)

5. NASA’s Innovative Approach to Moon Landing

NASA collaborates with Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus lunar lander, a crucial step in Artemis mission preparations, heralding new methods for sustainable space exploration. (Source: Vox)

6. SORA: AI-Generated Videos and the Challenge of Disinformation

OpenAI’s Sam Altman unveils SORA, an AI system capable of generating convincing videos, sparking discussions on combating disinformation amid advancements in AI technology. (Source: Vox)

7. Barbie Dream Phone Concept to Reality

CNET explores the upcoming launch of the Barbie Dream Phone, highlighting its nostalgic appeal and potential impact on the smartphone market. (Source: CNET)

8. James Webb Space Telescope’s Neutron Star Discovery

The James Webb Space Telescope detects signals from a neutron star collision, offering astronomers a unique opportunity to study these celestial phenomena in unprecedented detail. (Source: Mashable)

9. iPhone 16 Pro’s Unconventional Camera Design

TechRadar speculates on the iPhone 16 Pro’s rumored camera design resembling an electric razor, adding a quirky touch to Apple’s flagship smartphone series. (Source: TechRadar)

10. Google Pay to Shut Down in the US

Engadget reports Google’s decision to discontinue Google Pay services in the US, advising users to transition to alternative payment platforms by the announced deadline. (Source: Engadget)


James Durston

James Durston is the Editor-in-Chief for Blue Tech Wave, and a former editor and journalist for some of the world's biggest international media organisations.

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