Patreon Rolls Out Major Updates, a Sleek Redesign, and a Fresh Identity

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Patreon has redesigned its app and it looks like they’re not stopping there. The platform is undergoing some major upgrades to become a multifaceted hub for creators and their fans. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

Chat and Sell Good Like Never Before

Think Discord, but right on Patreon. The platform now boasts a chat feature that encourages group discussions among creators and fans. No more hopping to Twitter or TikTok for conversations; everything happens within Patreon. Initially tested with select creators, it’s now rolling out to everyone.

Moreover, Patreon’s “Commerce” feature is going big. It lets creators sell digital treasures like videos, audio files, and downloadable content to anyone, subscribers or not.

Free Fan Memberships

Patreon now allows creators to offer free fan memberships. This offers fans a taste of exclusive content while keeping the best premium goodies behind a paywall. It’s a clever strategy to turn casual fans into loyal patrons.

Additionally, profiles are getting an upgrade. They’ll show bios, profile pics, and social links — a move seemingly aimed at increasing community connections. Fans won’t need to worry about privacy: profiles are only visible within shared communities, and you can turn yours off.

Revamped App

The home feed now organizes posts by creator, letting fans easily follow their favorites. On top of that, the company has launched a fresh logo, wordmark, typography, color scheme, and photography style.

Patreon isn’t just a paywall anymore. It’s proving itself as a one-stop shop for creators. Free membership tiers, digital product sales, and community chats are among the latest additions. This turns Patreon into a social hub for fans.

Patreon believes in a future where more people become professional creators, with power shifting toward individuals, not platforms.


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