APRICOT 2024: Uniting the internet’s best engineering and operation minds

  • The prestigious Athenee Hotel Bangkok will host APRICOT 2024 from February 21 to March 1. It includes training days from February 21 to 24, partner meetings on February 25 and 26, and conference sessions from February 27 to March 1.
  • The event offers tutorials, cutting-edge research presentations, and policy discussions to equip participants with essential knowledge for navigating Internet operations.
  • APRICOT 2024 brings together a diverse group of experts for cross-disciplinary learning, collaboration, and best practice exchange in the industry.

The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT) is a premier international gathering that draws together the world’s top Internet engineers, operators, researchers, service providers, users, and policy communities from over 50 countries. This event provides a platform for learning, sharing knowledge, and networking among industry leaders and enthusiasts.

Scheduled from 21 February to 1 March 2024, APRICOT 2024 will be hosted at the prestigious Athenee Hotel Bangkok. The extensive itinerary includes workshops running from 21 to 23 February, partner meetings from 25 to 26 February, and the main conference from 27 February to 1 March. The Thai Network Information Center (THNIC) Foundation is proud to host this significant event.

Summit highlights

The ten-day summit encompasses a diverse range of activities such as seminars, workshops, tutorials, conference sessions, birds-of-a-feather (BOFs), and other forums. These activities are designed to disseminate crucial knowledge required for effectively operating the Internet within the Asia Pacific region.

Networking and collaboration

APRICOT 2024 offers an exceptional opportunity for participants and sponsors to engage in discussions surrounding current and emerging Internet networking technologies and trends. This collaborative environment fosters meaningful interactions, allowing attendees to glean insights from leading experts and contribute to ongoing dialogues shaping the industry’s future.

Beyond the formal sessions, APRICOT 2024 provides ample opportunities for informal networking, enabling participants to establish new business contacts and forge lasting professional relationships. Social events such as receptions, dinners, and parties allow attendees to connect with like-minded individuals and expand their global network.

APRICOT 2024 is an essential event for individuals and organizations seeking to remain at the forefront of Internet advancements. With its emphasis on knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking, APRICOT serves as an indispensable platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to stay informed, engaged, and connected.


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