AWS to build data centre in Thailand as other tech giants consider investing

  • Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft each company will invest 100 billion Thai Baht (US$2.8 billion) in Thailand.
  • AWS plans to build new data centers in Thailand over the next 15 years.

Thailand is set to receive investments worth $8.46 billion from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Microsoft. This initiative is expected to drive the digital economic development in Thailand and support the country’s efforts in digital transformation.

The investment plans of Amazon Web Services in Thailand

According to Todayonline, the news was announced by government spokesperson Chai Wacharonke during Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha’s visit to the United States.

Chai Wacharonke stated that each company will invest 100 billion Thai baht (US$2.8 billion) individually. He emphasised the Prime Minister’s confidence in AWS’s investment, believing that it will enhance Thailand’s competitiveness. Additionally, Chai revealed that Microsoft and Google are considering plans to invest in a large-scale data centre in Thailand.

These investment plans are expected to bring significant economic benefits to Thailand. They will not only strengthen the country’s digital infrastructure but also contribute to the cultivation and development of a highly skilled workforce.

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Another AWS data centre plan, similar to the AWS Cape Town Data Centre

Amazon Web Services (ASW) plans to establish a $5 billion data center within the next 15 years, with the aim of enhancing the country’s competitiveness. Microsoft and Google are also exploring investment plans for large-scale data centres in Thailand, indicating their focus on expanding the country’s digital infrastructure and technological capabilities.

The establishment of AWS Africa (Cape Town) region has resulted in the creation of numerous job opportunities in the local economy. 

According to ITWeb, a study on the economic impact released by Amazon Web Services (AWS) outlines its long-term investment in the AWS Africa region headquartered in Cape Town. The region is expected to support an estimated annual average of over 5,700 full-time equivalent jobs for local suppliers in the South African data center supply chain. 

It also contributes to establishing training and skill development programs for local labor, supports community involvement through various initiatives, and initiates sustainability measures nationwide.

AWS’s plan aims to boost Thailand’s competitiveness while elevating the expertise of employees in this thriving industry. 

Simultaneously, Microsoft has formally committed to investing in the country by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government. Although an MoU may not necessarily have legally binding, it does signify the intention to drive collaboration. This memorandum allows all parties to articulate their goals and intentions, providing a feasible blueprint for any future contracts.

According to Reuters, Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft did not immediately respond to requests for comments on their investments in Thailand.

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According to sources, globally, Amazon has invested in or acquired at least 129 companies, with the largest being the 2017 acquisition of the U.S. company Whole Foods for $13.4 billion. While the specific details of investments in other countries may vary, it is evident that these tech companies have been actively investing in various regions to expand their global influence and support digital innovation.

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