Amazon and Venmo part ways due to unspecified ‘recent changes’

  • From January 10, 2024, Venmo can no longer be added as a payment method to Amazon Wallet.
  • PayPal faces additional challenges, including a corporate restructuring, a falling share price and a decline in the platform’s appeal to consumers.

Amazon has discontinued Venmo as a payment option from January 10, 2024, due to unspecified “recent changes”. The move, which has not resulted in the anticipated user increase, along with other challenges, has negatively affected PayPal’s shares.

Fluctuations in online means of payment

Suddenly, Amazon has decided to end its relationship with Venmo as a payment option. According to an official statement on Venmo’s website, Venmo will no longer be able to be added to Amazon Wallet as a payment option as of 10 January 2024, making the service unavailable to existing users with Venmo accounts.

The mysterious decision was communicated to users via email, with Venmo citing “recent changes” but offering no further explanation. The surprise divorce between the PayPal-owned mobile payment service and the e-commerce giant has sparked speculation and left users questioning the motives behind the sudden split.

In the near future, volatile online payment scenarios may become more common. Consumers will have to sign up for more platform accounts to cope with payment changes on shopping platforms. Diversification of payment methods is undoubtedly a better option for consumers. But for shopping platforms, consumer preferences are not the only criteria.

The partnership between PayPal and Amazon, which began in October 2022, has been touted as a strategic alliance aimed at monetising Venmo more effectively. PayPal is particularly keen to capitalise on Venmo’s user base, while Amazon is looking to reach a younger demographic. However, the current results may simply be due to a lack of consumer appeal, according to analysts at Evercore Inc. The predicted surge in users using ‘pay with Venmo’ as their preferred payment method doesn’t seem to be materialising.

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Follow-up challenges

Meanwhile, PayPal is also facing more challenges as it grapples with a slowdown on some platforms due to a resurgence in in-store shopping and lower consumer spending due to inflation. Under the leadership of new CEO Alex Chris, PayPal is undergoing a major overhaul. It has completely reorganised its senior management and created three distinct business units focused on consumers, small businesses and large corporates.

The “divorce” fallout has been reflected in the financial markets, with PayPal shares falling 1.8 per cent to $58.46, one of the underperformers in the Standard & Poor’s 500 financial index (S & P 500 financial index). So far this year, PayPal shares are down 18%, while the S&P 500 financial index is up 4.3%.

As the dust settles on this digital payments saga, questions remain about the future of Venmo, its impact on Amazon’s payments ecosystem, and the broader trends shaping the fintech landscape. In a world where collaboration and integration can make or break industry players, we look forward to further action from both companies.


Coco Yao

Coco Yao was an intern reporter at BTW media covering artificial intelligence and media. She is studying broadcasting and hosting at the Communication School of Zhejiang.

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