What is Opera Cloud?

  • Opera Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-based property management system (PMS) for managing hotel operations, including reservations, front desk interactions, guest services, and back-office functions.
  • Opera Cloud has a modular architecture, allowing integration and adaptation based on specific hotel needs.
  • Opera Cloud is designed to streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and ensure data protection.

Opera Cloud’s modular structure, combined with Oracle’s cloud expertise, offers unmatched scalability, security, and performance. This makes it the ideal choice for hoteliers seeking to improve operational efficiency and guest experiences in the digital age.

–Jinny Xu, BTW reporter

Opera Cloud, a product of Oracle Hospitality, is transforming the way the hospitality industry manages its day-to-day operations through advanced cloud technology. This in-depth exploration will provide a clearer understanding of what Opera Cloud is and how it operates to deliver enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What is Opera Cloud?

Opera Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-based property management system (PMS) that offers a suite of tools designed to manage hotel operations, from reservations and front desk interactions to guest services and back-office functions. As part of Oracle’s broader suite of hospitality solutions, Opera Cloud leverages the reliability and security of Oracle’s cloud infrastructure, ensuring that it not only meets the diverse needs of hoteliers but also complies with global data protection regulations.

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Core functionality and technical mechanisms

Opera Cloud is built on a modular architecture that allows various functionalities to be integrated or adapted according to specific hotel needs. Here’s how some of its core components work:

Central reservation system (CRS)

The CRS component is tightly integrated into the PMS to facilitate real-time booking management. It connects with various distribution channels, such as online travel agencies (OTAs), direct hotel websites, and offline booking channels. This integration ensures that inventory and rates are consistently synchronised across all channels, preventing double bookings and rate discrepancies. This real-time capability helps hotels maximise occupancy and revenue by dynamically adjusting availability and rates based on demand forecasts and booking patterns.

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Front desk management

This module streamlines guest interactions by automating check-in and check-out processes, managing room assignments, and handling guest inquiries. It utilises touchscreen technology and can be accessed via tablets or smartphones, enabling mobile operations. The efficiency brought by this module reduces guest wait times, improves the accuracy of guest information, and enhances the overall guest experience.

Mobile functionality

Opera Cloud’s mobile functionality is supported by responsive design principles that adapt its interface to various device screens. Staff can perform operational tasks directly from mobile devices, facilitating services like mobile check-in/out, room service ordering, and maintenance requests on the go. Mobility increases staff productivity and flexibility, allowing them to provide services directly at the guest’s location, which enhances personalisation and satisfaction.

Rate and inventory management

This feature uses advanced algorithms to manage room rates and inventory. It includes capabilities for setting different pricing strategies, such as seasonal rates, last-minute discounts, or long-stay pricing. The system can automatically update these rates across all channels based on predefined rules. Effective rate management helps in optimising revenue per available room (RevPAR) and ensures competitive pricing.

Data security and compliance

Opera Cloud benefits from Oracle’s robust cloud security infrastructure, which includes data encryption, regular security audits, and compliance with frameworks like GDPR. Additionally, data management practices ensure that guest and operational data are handled securely. High-level security and adherence to compliance standards protect hotels from data breaches and legal penalties, maintaining guest trust and business integrity.


Jinny Xu

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