Ukraine’s Kyivstar allocates $90 million to tackle cyberattack fallout

  • Kyivstar, Ukraine’s foremost mobile operator, earmarks $90 million to address the aftermath of a suspected Russian cyberattack.
  • The cyber assault, labelled by its CEO as the most extensive on telecom infrastructure globally, targeted Kyivstar in December.
  • The cyberattack caused infrastructure damage and disrupting mobile services for millions of Ukrainians.

Ukraine’s telecommunications landscape is grappling with the aftermath of a significant cyberattack, as Kyivstar, the country’s mobile operator, allocates substantial funds to mitigate the fallout. Described as one of the most severe assaults on telecom infrastructure worldwide by its CEO, the attack has inflicted damage on Kyivstar’s systems and severely disrupted mobile services across the nation.

Impact of the cyberattack

Kyivstar, Ukraine’s mobile operator, faces a formidable challenge following a suspected Russian cyberattack. The company has earmarked a substantial $90 million to address the fallout and strengthen its resilience against future threats.

The cyber intrusion, described by Kyivstar’s CEO as the most extensive assault on global telecom infrastructure, struck in December with devastating effects. Infrastructure damage and disrupted mobile services plagued millions of Ukrainian users, significantly impeding the company’s growth trajectory.

“Before the cyberattack, we were moving with an increase of 11%-12% quarter-on-quarter in 2023. The cyberattack ate up about 3% of annual growth,” CEO Oleksandr Komarov told the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

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Response and mitigation efforts

In response to the cyber assault, Kyivstar has swiftly mobilised resources to address the fallout and fortify its systems against future threats. A substantial portion of the allocated $90 million has been earmarked for repairing the damage incurred during the attack. Additionally, investments are being directed towards strengthening the company’s infrastructure and implementing enhanced security measures. Furthermore, Kyivstar aims to reassure its clientele by initiating a loyalty programme.

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Attribution and alleged perpetrators

Kyiv’s former cyber spy chief expressed confidence in attributing the attack to Sandworm, a Russian military intelligence cyberwarfare unit. Additionally, Solntsepyok, a group believed to be affiliated with Sandworm, claimed responsibility for the assault, although Russia has not commented on the incident.


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