Nokia and stc optimise network with AI-powered SON solution

  • Cognitive SON can handle more than 10,000 operations, increasing load unit utilisation by 30% and user throughput by an average of 10%.
  • This technology not only minimises human error and improves quality, but also allows the network to operate autonomously and efficiently.

This AI-driven innovation redefines the standard of network performance, ensuring robust and consistent service for customers even during peak usage.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

Nokia has deployed its AI AD hoc network solution MantaRay Cognitive SON in the stc Group’s commercial network. Nokia says MantaRay SON is an optimisation and automation platform that uses self-configuring modules to improve network performance and efficiency.

Mikko Lavanti, Head of Nokia MEA, says: “Our MantaRay Cognitive SON solution, equipped with sophisticated AI algorithms, represents a giant leap forward in autonomous network operations and is the first deployment of the solution by the stc Group worldwide. Together with stc, we will continue to explore new use cases for Cognitive SON to further improve efficiency.”

When Cognitive SON implements during periods of high traffic, it handles more than 10,000 operations, resulting in an approximately 30% increase in load unit utilisation and an average 10% increase in user throughput. The solution can be customised and deployed to optimise specific software applications and address unique operational challenges.

Despite a 40 percent increase in traffic during this period, stc’s network maintains stable connectivity, and autonomous RAN operations also reduce manual operations and improve network quality. “Stc and Nokia are ushering in a new era in which AI will revolutionise the telecommunications industry.” Hatem Al Faraj, chief technology officer at stc Group, says.

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Why it’s important

This deployment has transformed the network operation to a more autonomous and intelligent mode, greatly improves the efficiency of network operation, and provides an effective way for telecom operators to optimise network load and improve user experience.

MantaRay SON solutions can be customised and deployed to optimise specific software applications and address unique operational challenges. This flexibility enables operators to adjust and optimise network configurations according to their own service requirements and scenario characteristics, so as to better meet customer needs.

The introduction of autonomous RAN operations reduces the need for manual intervention, reduces operational costs, improves the stability of network operations, provides more efficient and reliable network services. The cooperation between stc Group and Nokia demonstrates the great potential and application prospects of artificial intelligence technology in the telecommunications industry.


Zora Lin

Zora Lin is an intern news reporter at Blue Tech Wave specialising in Products and AI. She graduated from Chang’an University. Send tips to

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