New fibre routes connect Dallas to Mexico

  • FiberLight is partnering with MDC Data Centres and NeuLink to establish fibre routes from Dallas to two markets in Mexico through the Eagle Pass Data Centre. These fibre routes will connect Dallas to Querétaro and Monterrey respectively.
  • FiberLight, NeuLink, and MDC believe that this collaboration will facilitate cross-border connectivity and provide more secure long-distance paths and meeting growing demands.

The trilateral collaboration between FiberLight, NeuLink, and MDC creating two fibre routes—one leading from Dallas to Querétaro and the other from Dallas to Monterrey—both passing through the Eagle Pass Data Centre. These three companies believe that this partnership will cater to a broader range of user’s needs and enhance cross-border connectivity.

New fibre routes

FiberLight recently announced plans to construct the first “intelligent infrastructure economic zone” in Texas and unveiled a new fibre route project providing connectivity to markets in Mexico through the MDC Data Centre in Eagle Pass. The project includes two fibre routes—one from Dallas to Querétaro and another from Dallas to Monterrey.

FiberLight describes Querétaro and Monterrey as “two of Mexico’s fastest-growing technology hubs, where the demand for cloud services and OTT media is driving the flourishing development of data centres.” “As our network coverage in Texas continues to expand, FiberLight offers customers more pathways, facilitating cross-border connectivity and advancing technology initiatives.”Jay Anderson, the CTO of FiberLight, said.

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Joint effort

Jay Anderson expressed the pride in being the first fibre provider to offer this connectivity, providing secure and diverse pathways, fostering cross-border connectivity and technological initiatives through collaboration with NeuLink, .

NeuLink’s CEO, Alejandro Guzman, stated that through this partnership, they will provide secure long-haul routes, creating a new ecosystem to facilitate cross-border connectivity.

Juan Salazar, CEO of MDC Data Centers, mentioned that MDC is dedicated to establishing a “Border Connect Platform,” promoting business growth and meeting the demands of strategically located markets.


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