Google Cloud and NetApp introduce enhanced data storage 

  • Google Cloud and NetApp introduce Flex service level for NetApp Volumes, offering better control over storage and performance.
  • Customers can choose from four service levels for NetApp volumes, including Standard, Premium, Extreme, and Flex, each optimised for specific performance needs.
  • Strategic collaboration with Google Cloud enhances NetApp volumes, leveraging advanced technologies to boost operational efficiency and create tangible value for businesses.

NetApp has partnered with Google Cloud to enable organisations to use their data for generative AI and hybrid cloud workloads. The Flex service level for Google Cloud NetApp Volumes supports storage volumes of various sizes. NetApp also released a preview of its GenAI toolkit reference architecture for retrieval-augmented generation operations using the Google Cloud Vertex AI platform.

Service level

The Flex service level revolutionises data storage by providing highly available storage volumes with scalable options ranging from one GiB to 100 TiB. With performance capabilities of up to one GiB/s, this service level is designed to accommodate a diverse array of use cases, including advanced AI applications.

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Customers now have the flexibility to choose from four distinct service levels for NetApp volumes, each optimised for specific performance requirements: Standard: Versatile, general-purpose storage with 16 MiB/sec per TiB of performance. Premium: high-performance storage with 64 MiB/sec per TiB of performance. Extreme: low-latency, high-throughput storage with 128 MiB/sec per TiB of performance.Flex: adaptable storage volumes with scalability and performance tailored to the size of the underlying storage pool. 

Strategic Google Cloud integration

Through a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud, NetApp leverages cutting-edge technologies to enhance NetApp volumes, delivering enhanced operational efficiency and tangible value for businesses seeking to optimise their data storage capabilities.

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Expansion and availability

The Flex service level is slated for general availability by Q2 2024 across 15 Google Cloud regions, with plans for further expansion to additional regions by the end of 2024, ensuring widespread adoption of this innovative storage solution.

Empowering AI capabilities with the GenAI toolkit

NetApp introduces the GenAI toolkit, a powerful tool designed to streamline RAG (retrieve, analyse, and generate) operations with NetApp volumes. This toolkit facilitates seamless integration of data stored in NetApp volumes with the Google Cloud Vertex AI platform, enabling businesses to generate unique, high-quality insights and automations with ease.


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