Ericsson completes successful drone project at 5G Smart Factory

  • Ericsson achieves proof-of-concept with autonomous drone for indoor missions at its USA 5G Smart Factory in Lewisville, Texas.
  • Successful demonstration highlights potential for 5G-powered drones in industrial settings, particularly for autonomous inventory management.
  • Ericsson reinforces commitment to advancing non-mobile broadband ecosystem through innovative projects like autonomous drone technology.

Ericsson has reached a significant milestone with its latest proof-of-concept drone project, showcasing the potential of autonomous technology in industrial settings. This successful demonstration, conducted at its USA 5G Smart Factory in Lewisville, Texas, marks a significant step forward in advancing inventory management through 5G-powered drones.

Successful demonstration of autonomous drone technology

Ericsson has achieved a significant milestone with its proof-of-concept drone project at its USA 5G Smart Factory in Lewisville, Texas. This project focused on demonstrating the capabilities of an autonomous drone in performing indoor missions, particularly for inventory management tasks. The company successfully utilized the drone to conduct autonomous inventory checks of the warehouse’s higher shelves, showcasing its potential for barcode scanning and inventory management. Carlos H. Torres, head of industry 4.0 at Ericsson’s 5G Smart Factory, emphasized the importance of this demonstration in laying the foundation for future integration of 5G-powered drones in industrial settings.

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Commitment to advancing non-mobile broadband ecosystem

Ericsson’s successful proof-of-concept drone project underscores its commitment to advancing the non-mobile broadband ecosystem. While the project is currently a proof of concept and not intended to address the specific needs of the USA 5G Smart Factory, it highlights Ericsson’s dedication to innovation in industrial technology. This milestone aligns with the company’s ongoing investments, including an additional $50 million into its smart factory, aimed at accelerating production and meeting growing demand for 5G products in the United States.


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