APAC CDN Summit 2024: Looking to the future of CDN technology

  • The 2024 Asia Pacific content delivery network (CDN) summit in Beijing marked a pivotal moment for digital infrastructure exploration and advancement.
  • Organised by the Asia-Pacific CDN Industry Alliance and Asia-Pacific content delivery conference, the summit took on a forward-looking vision, aiming to propel the industry towards enhanced user experiences.
  • With distinguished speakers and discussions spanning algorithmic advancements and specific applications, the event underscored the transformative potential of CDNs, reinforcing their indispensable role in shaping a more inclusive and efficient digital ecosystem.

The 2024 Asia Pacific content delivery network (CDN) summit convened on March 26 in Beijing, giving everyone involved in the CDN industry a chance to share their latest news and innovations.

What is a CDN?

At the core of this event lies the exploration and advancement of CDNs – crucial systems comprised of geographically distributed servers that optimise content delivery to end-users. Essentially, a content delivery network functions as a geographically distributed group of servers that caches content close to end users.

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Asia-Pacific CDN Conference looks for mutual growth

This year’s conference, organised by the Asia-Pacific CDN Industry Alliance and Asia-Pacific Content Delivery Conference, emphasised a forward-looking vision.

Against the backdrop of rapidly evolving technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and big data models, stakeholders aimed to propel the industry towards a mutually beneficial trajectory collaboratively.

They foster partnerships and innovation to usher in a new era characterised by enhanced user experiences and diversified application scenarios.

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Insightful discussions at Asia Pacific CDN

Distinguished speakers at the conference featured Jiang Lintao, director of the Science and Technology Committee at the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology; Kong Lingshan, director of CDN research and development at China Mobile, alongside representatives from major industry players such as Alicloud, Huawei Cloud, and Prometheus Vision.

At the conference, Kong Lingshan, director of CDN research and development at China Mobile, delivered an insightful presentation highlighting the dynamic evolution of the digital landscape and the parallel advancement of CDNs. His discourse transcended traditional CDN applications, exploring their integration with emerging sectors such as the metaverse, blockchain, DNS, and computing.

Dr. Sun Wei of Prometheus Vision showcased advanced 3D volumetric video technology, capturing three-dimensional spaces with 2.5K resolution capability. As the sole provider of volumetric video in China, Prometheus Vision announced plans to develop an application on Apple Vision Pro, enhancing users’ augmented reality (AR) experiences.

The homepage of Prometheus Vision features volumetric video technology with a traditional dancer.

Throughout the event, discussions revolved around various facets of CDN technology, spanning algorithmic advancements, future trajectories, and specific applications like gaming. These deliberations illuminated the transformative potential of CDNs across diverse sectors, shedding light on pathways for innovation and growth.

The 2024 Asia Pacific content delivery network summit stands as a testament to the dynamism and resilience of the digital infrastructure landscape. As CDNs continue to evolve, their role in shaping the digital frontier becomes increasingly indispensable, promising a future where connectivity knows no bounds.


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