Zelis and Availity to enhance healthcare payer-provider efficiency

  • Zelis, a healthcare and financial technology firm, has forged a strategic alliance with Availity, a provider of health plan services, aimed at optimising the efficiency of the healthcare payer-provider process.
  • The collaboration, announced via a joint press statement on Thursday, March 21, entails a comprehensive approach covering administrative operations and payment processing.    
  • By integrating Availity’s real-time health information network with Zelis’ advanced healthcare finance solutions, the partnership seeks to address the existing fragmentation in the healthcare finance system, enhancing the overall user experience.

Zelis and Availity’s collaboration aims to enhance the efficiency of the healthcare payer-provider process by integrating real-time health information networks and advanced finance solutions. Streamlining payments in the healthcare sector simplifies payment processes, reducing administrative burdens and saving time and resources for healthcare providers and payers alike. Moreover, streamlined payments help minimise overhead costs associated with manual processing, billing errors, and reconciliation efforts. Accelerating revenue cycles through faster payment processing ensures timely receipt of funds for healthcare providers, leading to better financial management and improved cash flow.

–Sylvia Shen, BTW Reporter

Zelis, a healthcare and financial technology company, has partnered with Availity, a provider of health plan services, to optimize the efficiency of the healthcare payer-provider process.

Zelis and Availity collaboration aims to resolve fragmentation

According to a press release issued by the corporations on Thursday, March 21, this new strategic relationship would encompass everything from administrative operations to payments.

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The partnership unites Availity’s real-time health information network with Zelis’ healthcare finance solutions. By integrating the primary administrative systems of both businesses along with their associated payment and remittance data, the process of merging payments and administrative operations will be streamlined, fostering the creation of a more efficient and cohesive healthcare experience.

The partnership’s new capabilities will contribute to the resolution of the fragmentation that now exists in the healthcare finance system, which results in a user experience that is frequently perplexing and annoying for payers, providers, and healthcare consumers alike.

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Seamless healthcare payment solutions

Yusuf Qasim, president of payments optimisation at Zelis, stated in the release, “Coming on the heels of the development of the new Zelis Advanced Payments Platform, with its user-centric design, this is another step in the journey to make healthcare flow more seamlessly in this country, and we believe that Availity is the right partner to help make that happen with their unique footprint and strong client relationships.”

Zelis also announced on March 6 that it has unveiled a solution to assist patients in navigating the healthcare system more effectively. Members are encouraged to follow their health plans’ initiatives for better health, lower administrative expenses, and more member engagement by using the new SmartShopper Propel.


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