Who is Bartosz Lipinski? CEO of Cube Exchange innovating crypto trading through transparency

  • Bartosz Lipinski has a wealth of experience from leading global trading infrastructure at financial firms like Citadel, JP Morgan, and BNP Paribas.
  • Before founding Cube Exchange, Bartosz co-founded B+J Studios, a Solana-focused venture studio that raised $10 million and launched successful projects like Cupcake, Raindrops, and Lollipop.
  • Cube Exchange is recognised for its innovative hybrid market structure that prioritises security, transparency, and efficiency, appealing to both retail investors and institutional players in the crypto trading sector.

In the dynamic realm of decentralised finance (DeFi) and Web3 technology, Bartosz Lipinski emerges as a notable figure spearheading innovation and empowerment in the crypto trading space. His role as CEO of Cube Group, Inc. brings valuable insights from his extensive experience in global trading infrastructure development at renowned financial institutions. Through Cube Exchange’s unique approach to blockchain technology and emphasis on trader empowerment, Bartosz is making significant strides towards reshaping the landscape of crypto trading.

Introduction to Bartosz Lipinski

Bartosz Lipinski is the CEO of Cube Group, Inc. With a wealth of experience gained from leading the development of global trading infrastructure at renowned financial firms such as Citadel, JP Morgan, and BNP Paribas, he brings invaluable insights to Cube’s innovative market structure.

Before establishing Cube. Exchange, Bartosz was a co-founder at B+J Studios, a prominent Solana-focused venture studio. He successfully raised $10 million there and spearheaded the launch of acclaimed projects like Cupcake, Raindrops, and Lollipop. During his tenure at Solana Labs, Bartosz made notable contributions to the early DeFi protocols, wallet infrastructure, and NFT standards, establishing himself as a respected authority in the fields of DeFi and Web3 technologies.


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Bartosz’s professional experience

Bartosz Lipinski is a seasoned technology expert with over 15 years of extensive experience across various industries and technical domains. He currently serves as the CEO of Cube Group, Inc., a role he has held since April 2023. In this position, he is responsible for the overall strategic planning and operational management of the company, driving business growth in a hybrid working environment.

Prior to his current role, Bartosz was a senior software engineer at Solana Labs from January 2021 to April 2023. During his tenure, he focused on building web-scale blockchain technology, significantly contributing to the company’s technological advancements and innovative achievements.

Bartosz’s career began at Citadel LLC, where he served as the head of equities application development from September 2014 to January 2021. In this role, he led the development and maintenance of the equities trading platform, ensuring high performance and stability of the systems.

Before joining Citadel, Bartosz worked at JPMorgan Chase & Co. for 2 years and 5 months, holding positions as senior developer and lead developer. He played a key role in various teams based in New York and London, driving innovation and efficiency in the fintech sector.

Earlier in his career, Bartosz was a developer for the commodity derivatives Front Office at BNP Paribas, a software engineer at Samsung Electronics, and held internship roles at Google and Microsoft. At Google, he contributed to the Scala.Net compiler project by adding LINQ support, and during the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition, he won third place in the Polish finals and received a special award for the scientific and research contributions of his project.

Additionally, Bartosz participated in the Google Summer of Code in 2008, where he worked on an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) plugin for the ADA compiler as part of the Eclipse Foundation’s Hibachi project. This project showcased his deep knowledge and skills in compiler design and integrated development environment (IDE) tool development.

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Introduction to Cube Exchange

Cube Exchange is recognised for its innovative approach to blockchain technology and commitment to empowering traders within the crypto trading sector. This company serves as a notable example of merging advanced blockchain solutions with a focus on trader empowerment, leading to a paradigm shift in the realm of crypto trading.

With a focus on engineering the future of trading, Cube Exchange has created a digital asset marketplace that prioritises security, transparency, and efficiency for all participants. By utilising a hybrid platform that combines traditional and modern elements, Cube Exchange ensures universal access to cater to the diverse needs of traders in today’s market.

Cube Exchange has garnered attention as a reputable platform appealing to both retail investors and institutional players, offering a secure foundation for trading activities. This is reinforced by Cube Exchange’s innovative hybrid market structure and strategic collaborations within the Web3 ecosystem.

Central to Cube Exchange’s operations is the emphasis on security and compliance, aimed at protecting customer assets and promoting trust within the crypto trading environment. Leveraging technologies like the unique MPC wallet system, Cube Exchange is dedicated to advancing the security measures that underpin every transaction, contributing to a more resilient crypto economy.


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