Weavrcare: Revolutionising healthcare data solutions

  • Weavrcare is a Korean healthcare technology company specialising in secure and efficient management of medical data using blockchain technology.
  • Weavrcare utilises blockchain technology to securely store and manage medical data, ensuring transparency, integrity, and accessibility while protecting patient privacy.
  • Blockchain is improving healthcare by enhancing data security, streamlining processes, enabling interoperability, and fostering patient-centred care through decentralised and transparent systems.

Weavrcare, formerly known as Mediblock, is a South Korean healthcare technology company specialising in secure and efficient healthcare data solutions through blockchain technology. Utilising blockchain, Weavrcare securely stores and manages medical data, ensuring transparency, integrity, and accessibility while prioritising patient privacy.

Blockchain’s impact on healthcare extends beyond Weavrcare, enhancing data security, streamlining processes, enabling interoperability, and fostering patient-centred care through decentralised and transparent systems. Through its innovative platform, MeiWeavrcare aims to revolutionise the healthcare industry by empowering patients, improving data management, and driving efficiency in healthcare delivery.

What is Weavr company?

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Weavrcare is a South Korean healthcare technology company that develops a platform for managing and sharing medical information using blockchain technology. Founded in 2017, Weavrcare aims to enhance the transparency and accessibility of medical data and to build a patient-centred healthcare ecosystem.

Key features and services

Blockchain-based medical information management

Weavrcare provides a platform that securely stores and shares medical information using blockchain technology. This ensures the integrity and security of medical data.

Patient-centred data ownership

Weavrcare allows patients to directly manage and control their medical data. Patients can selectively share necessary information with the healthcare providers of their choice.

Integrated medical information and interoperability

The Weavrcare platform integrates medical information from various healthcare institutions, enabling comprehensive management of patient data. This reduces redundant data entry and supports accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Collaboration with healthcare providers

Weavrcare collaborates with hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers to expand its platform. This contributes to the improvement of the overall quality of healthcare services.

Main products

Medipass is a mobile application that allows patients to easily manage and share their medical information. With a user-friendly interface, users can conveniently access their medical data and share it with healthcare providers when needed.

Another product, Dr. Palette is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) system for healthcare institutions. It helps medical professionals efficiently manage patient records and optimise the treatment process.

And Panacea is a medical data analytics platform that supports better diagnosis and treatment decisions through AI analysis based on medical data.

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Blockchain applied in Weavrcare

How it uses blockchain?

Weavrcare, built on the Panacea mainnet based on healthcare information and created using the DPOS algorithm, is a decentralised blockchain healthcare platform. It enables medical institutions to securely transmit data and facilitates the collection and storage of transmitted data, driving innovation in the healthcare industry.

Doctors using Weavrcare can check patients’ physical conditions, make convenient appointments, conduct tests, and access medical data related to prescriptions and insurance. This makes the process significantly simpler and more convenient compared to traditional methods. A distinctive feature of Weavrcare is its backup functionality, which prevents data deletion and boasts high security, thereby minimising the risks of fraud and hacking of medical data.


Launch of panacea mainnet

Weavrcare successfully launched its Panacea mainnet, a blockchain specifically designed for the secure management of healthcare data. This platform ensures data integrity, security, and interoperability among different healthcare providers.

Partnerships with major healthcare institutions

Weavrcare has established partnerships with leading healthcare institutions and organisations. These collaborations have facilitated the integration of Weavrcare ‘s technology into real-world medical settings, enhancing the platform’s credibility and usability.

Development of patient-centric applications

Weavrcare has developed applications that empower patients by giving them control over their own medical data. These applications allow patients to securely access, manage, and share their health information with authorised parties.

Implementation of DPOS algorithm

Weavrcare implemented the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) algorithm, which enhances the scalability and efficiency of its blockchain network. This algorithm ensures fast and secure transactions, which are critical in healthcare data management.

Regulatory compliance and certifications

Weavrcare has achieved compliance with various regulatory standards and has obtained certifications that attest to its commitment to data security and privacy. This compliance is essential for gaining the trust of healthcare providers and patients.

Innovative data integration solutions

Weavrcare has created innovative solutions for integrating and managing healthcare data from multiple sources. This integration ensures that healthcare providers have a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history, improving diagnosis and treatment.

Recognition and awards

Weavrcare has received recognition and awards from industry experts and organisations for its innovative approach to healthcare and blockchain technology. These accolades highlight Weavrcare ‘s contribution to advancing digital health.

Expansion into global markets

Weavrcare has expanded its reach beyond Korea, entering global markets and forming international partnerships. This expansion helps to promote the adoption of its platform worldwide, showcasing its scalability and adaptability.

Educational initiatives and community engagement

Weavrcare actively participates in educational initiatives and community engagement to raise awareness about the benefits of blockchain in healthcare. These efforts include hosting webinars, participating in conferences, and publishing research.

Continuous platform improvement

Weavrcare continuously updates and improves its platform based on feedback from users and advancements in technology. This commitment to innovation ensures that Weavrcare remains at the forefront of blockchain-based healthcare solutions.

These achievements demonstrate Weavrcare’s significant progress in transforming the healthcare industry through the application of blockchain technology, ensuring secure, efficient, and patient-centric healthcare data management.

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5 ways blockchain is improving our health

Enhanced data security and privacy

Blockchain’s decentralised and encrypted framework ensures that patient data is stored securely and can only be accessed by authorised individuals. This reduces the risk of data breaches and protects sensitive medical information from unauthorised access.

Immutability and data integrity

Blockchain creates an immutable ledger of all transactions, meaning once data is recorded, it cannot be altered or deleted. This ensures the integrity and accuracy of medical records, preventing tampering and fraud.

Interoperability and data sharing

Blockchain facilitates seamless and secure sharing of medical records across different healthcare providers and institutions. This interoperability ensures that healthcare professionals have access to accurate and up-to-date patient information, which is crucial for effective treatment and care coordination.

Patient empowerment and control

Patients using Weavrcare’s platform have more control over their own health data. They can decide who gets access to their information and can grant or revoke permissions as needed, promoting transparency and patient engagement in their own healthcare.

Streamlined administrative processes

Blockchain can automate many administrative tasks through smart contracts. These contracts can trigger actions such as insurance claims processing and billing, reducing paperwork, minimising errors, and speeding up transactions.


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