Tesh Durvasula named CEO of AtlasEdge

  • Tesh Durvasula has been appointed as the new CEO of AtlasEdge, a European Edge data center provider, taking over from Giuliano Di Vitantonio who is now the chairman of the board.
  • Durvasula brings extensive leadership experience from his previous role as CEO of Africa Data Centres and his tenure at CyrusOne, aiming to steer AtlasEdge through its next growth phase in the Edge data center market.
  • AtlasEdge was established in 2021 through a joint venture between Liberty Global and DigitalBridge, leveraging their assets to cater to growing market demands across 12 countries in Europe.

Tesh Durvasula has been appointed CEO of AtlasEdge, succeeding Giuliano Di Vitantonio, who transitions to board chairman. Previously CEO at Africa Data Centres, Durvasula aims to lead AtlasEdge’s expansion in Europe’s growing Edge data center market. AtlasEdge, formed in 2021 by Liberty Global and DigitalBridge, is poised for further growth with significant investment from Digital Realty.

Tesh Durvasula appointed

Tesh Durvasula has been named the new CEO of AtlasEdge, succeeding Giuliano Di Vitantonio, who is transitioning to the role of chairman of the board. With a solid track record from his leadership at Africa Data Centres and experience at CyrusOne, Durvasula is set to steer AtlasEdge through significant expansion across the burgeoning European Edge data center market.

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Atlasedge’s strategic growth

Since its inception in 2021 by Liberty Global and DigitalBridge, AtlasEdge has rapidly established a substantial footprint in the data center sector. Spanning 12 countries, their facilities meet escalating demands in key, fast-growing markets. This growth trajectory is poised to continue under Durvasula’s leadership, leveraging investments from significant players like Digital Realty.

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Leadership transition impacts

The leadership changes at AtlasEdge reflect a strategic alignment with market opportunities and investor expectations. As Durvasula steps in, his strategic vision is expected to harness the increasing customer demands and technological advancements to position AtlasEdge as a leader in Europe’s data center industry.


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