Teenagers’ AI Startup Receives Major Backing from OpenAI’s CEO

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Induced AI, an AI startup founded by a pair of teenagers, has captured the attention and investment Sam Altman. Joining the OpenAI CEO are Peak XV, and Daniel Gross and Nat Friedman’s AI grant. The company is on a mission to help businesses automate various workflows in previously unexplored ways.

Induced AI has secured an impressive $2.3 million in seed funding. Investors include SignalFire, Untitled Ventures, SV Angel, Superscrypt, Balaji Srinivasan, Julian Weisser, IDEO Colab, and OnDeck. What makes Induced AI stand out in this crowded space is its unique approach to automation.

Transforming Plain English into Real-Time Pseudo-Code

Induced AI’s innovation allows businesses to input workflows in plain English, converting them into real-time pseudo-code. This capability is a game-changer for automating repetitive tasks that typically fall to back-office staff.

By using Chromium-based browser instances, Induced AI can interact with websites, even when there is no API available. Aryan Sharma, the co-founder and CEO of Induced AI, demonstrated during a demo how the platform can handle intricate processes such as two-factor authentication dialogues. The platform’s bi-directional interaction system ensures human intervention can take place when necessary, while the rest of the workflow proceeds autonomously.

Redesigning the Browser for Native AI Use

Induced AI has gone a step further by customizing the browser environment atop Chromium for autonomous workflow runs. This tailored environment hosts its own memory, file system, and authentication credentials. This novel approach empowers Induced AI to tackle complex logins, two-factor authentication, file downloads, and data storage and reuse – tasks that were previously beyond the reach of other autonomous agents.

Eliminating Manual HTML Tagging

A standout feature of Induced AI is its ability to eliminate the tedious task of manually tagging HTML elements, which is typically required by existing models. Instead, the system comprehends essential information from English instructions and dynamically adjusts them as needed for optimization, simplifying the entire workflow.

In a market filled with modern Robotic Process Automation (RPA) concepts, Induced AI differentiates itself by offering the ability to run multiple tasks simultaneously. Moreover, it operates entirely remotely, providing users with unparalleled flexibility.

Five-Person Team

Despite having a compact team of just five members, Induced AI has already successfully onboarded several small to mid-sized customers. One notable example is a sales firm that employs Induced AI to streamline employee onboarding. The company is actively exploring new use cases to expand its customer base and continue its remarkable growth trajectory.

Elaine Zelby from SignalFire has praised Induced AI for its truly human-like interaction and efficiency, emphasizing its potential to democratize access to workflow automation. With the backing of influential investors and a visionary approach to AI-driven automation, Induced AI is on a good footing to make waves in the industry.


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