Stephen Chow’s Nobody NFTs sweep the OpenSea marketplace

  • Hong Kong director Stephen Chow’s “Nobody” NFT collection is gaining significant traction on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace.
  • OKX collaborates with Stephen Chow to offer exclusive opportunities for fans to acquire “Nobody” NFTs, attracting over 12,500 participants.
  • Holders of Nobody NFTs, as highlighted on the OKX website, gain access to a unique interactive experience where they can engage with vibrant characters and more benefits.

Hong Kong director Stephen Chow’s “Nobody” non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are currently the top trending collection on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, following their publication day.

Chow’s Nobody NFT debut

Earlier this month, Hong Kong director Stephen Chow, renowned for the iconic film Kung Fu Hustle, introduced the “Nobody” profile nonfungible token (NFT) collection. Upon its debut, the collection garnered over 9,695 Ether, equivalent to $23 million, in transactions, with a daily volume reaching 2,713 Ether.

Chow unveiled the collection on December 6, 2023, announcing a collaboration with MC Jin, a Chinese-American rapper, to create the Nobody NFTs.

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The collection is accessible through the Moonbox platform, a Hong Kong-based firm specialising in Web3 and artificial intelligence (AI). Moonbox aims to revolutionise the NFT space by incorporating AI technology, focusing particularly on the entertainment and the arts sectors.

Chow and the cryptocurrency exchange OKX joined forces to offer a whitelist giveaway for Nobody NFTs on January 10. The airdrop featured 2,500 Nobody NFTs and drew the interest of more than 125,000 participants. The total supply of Nobody NFTs is limited to 10,000.

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Interactive potential of Nobody NFTs

According to the NFT page on the OKX website, the uniqueness of Nobody NFTs lies in their vivid characters, each accompanied by a distinct story. Holders can engage with these characters via the Nobody App, discovering their personalities, hobbies, and backgrounds. Through interaction, these characters evolve, becoming more nuanced and lifelike over time.

Nobody holders are entitled to “participate in the development of the project, and enjoy many special rights, including but not limited to proposals, co-creation, voting, and Nobody IP (Intellectual Property) creation.”


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