Shein Launches Gravity Scheme

SHEIN, the popular fashion retail platform, is gearing up to launch its new initiative, the “Gravity” scheme, designed to support smaller vendors operating on the SHEIN Marketplace.

SHEIN, the popular fashion retail platform, is gearing up to launch its new initiative, the “Gravity” scheme, designed to support smaller vendors operating on the SHEIN Marketplace. This strategic move aims to enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized sellers, with a commitment to helping 10,000 sellers worldwide hit annual sales surpassing one million US dollars over the next three years.

The introduction of SHEIN Marketplace in countries like Germany, Spain, France, and Italy, following its successful launch in Brazil, the US, and Mexico, boosted the need for a robust network of local sellers. This network will ensure efficient delivery of Marketplace goods to customers worldwide, making the Gravity scheme particularly timely.

A Step in the Right Direction

Similar to other fast fashion platforms like ASOS, SHEIN Marketplace acts as a third-party platform, connecting customers to local retailers. However, SHEIN goes beyond fashion and offers a diverse range of products, including household items, electronics, sports equipment, and stationery. This expansion transforms SHEIN into a global e-commerce platform that can rival industry giants such as Amazon, Shopee, Pinduoduo, and Lazada.

Supporting small and medium vendors is seen as a step in the right direction, but sceptics argue that SHEIN’s trend-focused business model perpetuates wasteful consumption among its youthful customer base. Despite these concerns, SHEIN remains immensely popular, having been the most downloaded shopping app worldwide in 2022.

Molly Miao, SHEIN’s COO, emphasised the platform’s expansion as an opportunity to collaborate with sellers to meet global consumer demands. Miao further stated:

“The expansion of our platform allows us to work with sellers to meet the needs of global consumers better. At the same time, we always follow the principle of win-win cooperation with our partners, providing SMEs and sellers in different regions with full life-cycle growth empowerment and ultimately achieving the goal of sustainable development.”

Lofty Goals for Sellers

As part of the Gravity scheme, SHEIN aims to help sellers worldwide achieve an annual sales breakthrough of $100,000, in addition to the larger goal of boosting sales for thousands of vendors. This significant increase in sales will undoubtedly empower sellers, offering them unprecedented growth opportunities.

SHEIN’s commitment to expanding its product categories is noteworthy. In addition to clothing, SHEIN aims to incorporate household goods, 3C supplies, sports products, creative stationery, and more, allowing sellers operating in these areas to seize new opportunities on the platform.

Moreover, SHEIN recognises the importance of supporting new sellers entering the market. To assist them throughout their growth journey, SHEIN has launched a comprehensive seller’s life cycle growth empowerment program.

This program encompasses various support policies, including a process-wide training system, operation and tool empowerment, one-stop compliance support, order and settlement assistance, low input costs, and enhanced overall competitiveness. By covering all stages of seller growth, SHEIN aims to provide holistic support to newcomers.

As SHEIN continues to revolutionise the online fashion landscape and expand its platform globally, the Gravity scheme represents a pivotal step towards supporting small vendors. The future looks bright as sustainable growth within the SHEIN Marketplace makes its first step.


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