Payplug and Mangopay unite to a forge seamless payment process

  • Paris-based fintechs Payplug and Mangopay form a strategic partnership to enhance payment solutions for platforms and marketplaces.
  • The collaboration between Payplug and Mangopay aims to provide seamless payment processes for European businesses.

The fintech companies from Paris, Payplug and Mangopay, have established a strategic alliance to provide payment options for platforms and marketplaces.

With the combination of payout solutions and pay-in experience, this partnership seeks to provide clients with a smooth payment procedure, supporting businesses across Europe.

About Payplug, payment service provider

Payplug distinguishes itself by providing a solution that combines security and performance as an acquirer and payment service provider. The company focuses on managing the whole payment process, enhancing each stage of the transaction, facilitating data sharing, carrying out financial transactions, and preventing fraud while abiding by regulatory standards.

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About Mangopay, a payment infrastructure

Since its establishment in 2013, Mangopay has been committed to providing a payment infrastructure that is flexible and specifically designed for marketplaces. Because of its flexible approach, markets may tailor their payment systems to suit certain requirements.

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Payplug and Mangopay partner to streamline payment process

By combining Payplug’s pay-in solutions with Mangopay’s payout capabilities, the relationship between Payplug and Mangopay is expected to enhance the marketplace environment.

By fostering a seamless payment process for both buyers and sellers, the collaboration seeks to guarantee safe and effective transactions.

” We’re constantly working to make our payment infrastructure ever more flexible to provide our platform and marketplace clients with a modular solution to suit their exact requirements and to help them scale,” stated Mangopay CEO Romain Mazeries.

“Working with partners such as Payplug are a key part of this strategy as we continue to grow our partner ecosystem, strengthen our proposition and broaden the solutions available to our clients.”


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