Payment firm Ryft adds Amex for UK ecomm companies

  • U.S. payment company Ryft partners with American Express (Amex), aiming to bolster payment options for UK eCommerce merchants, particularly by integrating Amex Cards into digital platforms.
  • Ryft’s unified payment platform optimises transaction management for both markets and business-to-business platforms, offering streamlined processes, revenue generation from digital transactions, and expanded payment choices across diverse digital marketplaces.

U.S. payments company Ryft has announced an alliance with American Express (Amex), a major player in the global payments market.

Ryft and American Express forge partnership

The collaboration aims to enhance payment flexibility for eCommerce merchants in the UK by facilitating payments through Amex Cards, thereby enabling a wider range of digital platforms to incorporate Amex as a payment option.

Ryft CEO and co-founder, Sadra Hosseini, is excited about this partnership, stating: “We are delighted to announce our new partnership with American Express, a true leader in the payments industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us, opening doors to exciting possibilities and reinforcing our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our partners.”

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Streamlined payouts and revenue generation

Ryft operates as a unified payment platform, benefiting both markets and business-to-business platforms with increased capability and efficiency in managing transactions.

Its comprehensive solution streamlines automated payout processes, generates revenue from transactions on digital platforms, and broadens the range of payment choices available across diverse digital marketplaces.

Ryft has grown since its founding in 2022, handling millions of transactions on various digital merchant platforms.


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