OKX adds Aevo platform for spot trading derivatives trading

  • OKX announces the addition of Aevo, a derivative-focused L2 platform, for spot trading, starting on March 12, 2024.
  • Aevo, a specialised trading platform for options and perpetual, enables spot transactions to meet the growing demand for cryptocurrency derivatives.
  • Deposits for AEVO begin on March 12, with AEVO and USDT trading pairs opening on March 13, followed by AEVO withdrawals available on March 14.

OKX’s addition of the Aevo platform for spot trading enhances derivatives trading options. The introduction is expected to significantly enhance the derivatives trading landscape, offering traders a robust platform to engage in options and perpetual trading. Furthermore, more and more exchanges issue risk warnings while adding new features due to the volatile market. These approaches underscore exchanges’ commitment to transparency and responsible trading practices, ensuring that users are well-informed about the inherent risks.
–Sylvia Shen, BTW Reporter

OKX has revealed the inclusion of Aevo, a derivatives-focused L2 platform, for spot trading, scheduled to commence on March 12, 2024.

OKX launches Aevo for spot transactions

OKX said that Aevo, a trading platform that specialised in options and perpetual trading, will be open for spot transactions on their platform. OKX aims to broaden its trading portfolio and meet the increasing demand for the cryptocurrency community for derivative trading options.

Deposits for AEVO will commence on March 12, 2024, followed by the opening of AEVO and USDT trading pairs on March 13. AEVO withdrawals will then become available on March 14.

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Aevo platform promises sturdy trading framework

Aevo’s platform aims to enrich trading experiences, with particular emphasis on derivatives. With a capped supply of 1 billion AEVO tokens, Aevo intends to offer a sturdy framework for traders.

Alongside the news of the listing, OKX sent out a risk warning to consumers, reminding them that digital assets are speculative, volatile, and liable to lose value at any time. Traders should assess their risk tolerance and perform in-depth research.


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