Mobile data in Europe to triple by 2028 and big tech should pay the bill

  • By 2028, mobile data traffic per smartphone in Western Europe will increase from the current 9 EB per month to 22 EB.
  • This upgrade requires about 198 billion euros (216 billion dollars) in investment, expected to be shouldered by tech giants.

Research by GSMA, a telecommunications industry group, has found that the adoption of 5G will drive a massive increase in mobile data traffic in Europe by 2028. This surge will be driven by the major tech platforms such as Netflix, Meta, Google and Amazon, and we think it only fair that they pay the costs.

GSMA telecom increasing trends

By 2028, GSMA said that mobile data traffic in Europe will reach twice the current levels. According to a their report, mobile data traffic per smartphone in Western Europe will increase from the current 9 EB per month to 22 EB. This remarkable upward trend implies that the mobile communication networks in Europe will bear a greater load, delivering faster and more extensive data transmission services to users.

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It costs a lot of money to grow. Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

Investment needed for the upcoming surge

But this won’t come cheap. According to Reuters, telecom companies may need to invest approximately 198 billion euros ($216 billion) in network upgrades by 2030 to meet the ever-growing demand for connectivity. This initiative aims to enhance network performance, better serve users, and adapt to the forthcoming challenges in digitisation.

The costs associated with these upgrades should naturally fall to tech giants such as Meta, Alphabet, Netflix, and Amazon. These major tech companies are seen as occupying a significant share of internet traffic, so it’s only fair that they shoulder a significant portion of the expenses for upgrading the network infrastructure. These tech companies will directly benefit from a more robust and efficient network after all.

As of now, European Union legislators have not made a final decision on this request. Let’s hope they make it soon.

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The increase in mobile data traffic in Europe is being driven by several key factors, including the transition from 4G to 5G networks, the demand for high-quality gaming, augmented reality, and video content, as well as the growing prevalence of 5G technology. 

According to GSMA official, Redefining the landscape of the European mobile ecosystem involves a reassessment of the blueprint for telecom networks to cater to the ever-changing demands of connectivity and data. It also entails reigniting interest in satellite connectivity, delving into the transformative potential of generative artificial intelligence, embracing a shift towards circular practices, and seizing the burgeoning prospects within the realm of financial technology.

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