Miss Universe Organization Takes Legal Action Against Unauthorized Crypto Coin

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The Miss Universe Organization (MUO) has issued an official statement disavowing any connection with the “Miss Universe Coin” introduced during the Philippine Blockchain Week. In a move reminiscent of classic legal drama, they have declared their intention to pursue all available legal avenues to address this infringement.

The Coin is Officially Disavowed

MUO, which is owned by the JKN Global Group, made it unequivocally clear that they are not affiliated with or involved in any way with the Miss Universe Coin project. In their words to cointelegraph:

“There is currently no Miss Universe cryptocurrency or blockchain offering, and these products are in no way involved with the voting or selection process for MISS UNIVERSE or the Miss Universe Philippines pageants.”

They also had a stern warning for their loyal fanbase.

With words urging caution, they expreseed:

“To our fans — please use caution and do not join in this falsely-named coin scam. We are doing everything we can to shut this down publicly so that our community is not victims of this fraud.”

This statement comes in the wake of the Miss Universe Coin project’s announcement at the Philippine Blockchain Week. During the event, Donald Lim, the founder of the organization managing the PBW, declared the impending launch of the Miss Universe Coin. However, as time passed, the official Miss Universe Organization distanced itself from the coin project and labeled it as fraudulent.

Words of Caution to Fans

On September 22, the Miss Universe official Facebook page confirmed that neither the Miss Universe Organization nor JKN Global Group had any involvement with the coin project presented at the PBW event. They emphasized their intention to pursue legal action against this infringement.

The Miss Universe Organization stressed that the so-called Miss Universe Coin is a clear case of fraud. Furthermore, they suspect that individuals associated with this fraudulent coin may attempt to promote it at upcoming blockchain conferences in Dubai and Singapore. MOU cautions attendees not to be deceived.

While PBW has stated that they are in contact with all parties involved and will provide updates soon, inquiries to the Philippine Blockchain Week have yet to yield a response.

In this unfolding saga, the Miss Universe Organization remains resolute in defending its brand and integrity, sending a strong message that unauthorized crypto ventures will not be tolerated.


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