MetaMask Enhances Access to Solana via Snaps

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MetaMask has added support for Solflare’s Solana wallet through its Snaps functionality. This development streamlines interactions with Solana DApps and removes barriers that have deterred potential users.

Three-way Collaboration

This new development became possible through the collaboration between MetaMask, Snaps, and Solflare.
MetaMask, traditionally an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based platform, boasts over 100 million users. Snaps, introduced by Consensys engineers, gives users the ability to customize their wallets. Meanwhile, Solflare, a leading Solana wallet provider, is among the first to benefit, enabling the direct management of SOL and Solana-based NFTs in MetaMask wallets.

Removing a Barrier to Entry

Filip Dragoslavic, co-founder of Solflare, notes that the integration eliminates the friction of installing new wallets. This friction has long deterred many who planned to join the Solana ecosystem. By providing easy access to Solana via MetaMask, this collaboration introduces a broad user base to Solana’s vibrant array of apps.
MetaMask’s Snaps initiative extends beyond Solflare. The platform also works with 34 third-party developers enhancing user customization, transaction insights, and interface personalization. Notable Snaps include Bitcoin-based Zion, StarkNet, WalletGuard, Sui Wallet, and Aptos.

Bigger, Decentralized Community as the Goal

These Snaps currently undergo audits and allowlisting by Consensys, MetaMask’s parent company. The long-term vision is a transition toward a decentralized community-driven model for vetting and approving new Snaps, according to Christian Montoya, senior product owner of MetaMask Snaps.

In Dragoslavic’s view, this integration could be a game-changer, bringing Solana closer to a broader audience and advancing Web3’s seamless experience. It’s a significant step toward inclusivity in blockchain technology. MetaMask extends its reach into new ecosystems while maintaining its status as a trusted and adaptable crypto wallet.


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