Hackers pilfer $440K from fake MicroStrategy airdrop news on X

  • MicroStrategy X’s official account was breached, leading to the posting of links to a fraudulent airdrop.
  • A fictitious MicroStrategy homepage prompted users to connect a wallet and claim a phony MSTR airdrop, leaving them vulnerable to attackers who can siphon tokens if permissions are granted.

The official MicroStrategy X account was hacked, and hackers posted a series of malicious links to a phony airdrop.

MicroStrategy account breach: Phony airdrop

The X account of business intelligence company MicroStrategy has been compromised, and fraudulent links to a fictitious airdrop of an alleged “official” Ethereum-based MSTR token have been posted.

When a user clicks the link, a phony MicroStrategy homepage appears, instructing them to connect a wallet and claim the MSTR airdrop. Users acknowledge that attackers can automatically remove tokens from their Web3 wallets if they approve a number of permissions.

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Losses exceed $440,000

Independent blockchain investigator ZachXBT claims that the scam has already cost victims over $440,000 in damages.

According to Ethereum DeBank, the wallet address of the MicroStrategy attacker now has $329,000 worth of Ethereum-based tokens.


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