GrabPay adds crypto top-ups in e-wallet through Triple A partnership

  • Through a partnership with cryptocurrency payments company Triple A, GrabPay users in Singapore can now seamlessly integrate digital tokens into their e-wallets, expanding the platform’s cryptocurrency capabilities.
  • Building on their prior collaboration, Grab and Triple A have enhanced GrabPay’s functionality, allowing for cryptocurrency trading within the wallet since 2021.
  • According to Tech in Asia, GrabPay users now have the option to convert stablecoins and other digital assets into usable dollars, thanks to a newly introduced feature, reflecting Grab’s commitment to meet evolving user needs.

GrabPay users in Singapore may now integrate digital tokens into their e-wallets due to a partnership between Grab and cryptocurrency payments company Triple A.

Grab and Triple A expand partnership

The announcement builds upon Grab and Triple A’s previous partnership, which enabled cryptocurrency trading via the GrabPay wallet in 2021.

According to Tech in Asia, GrabPay may now convert stablecoins and other digital assets into usable dollars because of this new feature.

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GrabPay introduces a new feature

The GrabPay application facilitates deposits using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, USDC, and USDT, while also accommodating XSGD, a stablecoin tethered to the Singapore dollar and powered by blockchain technology.

While cryptocurrency deposits are currently restricted to Singapore, Grab affirms that it will “continue to monitor user adoption and respond to demand for such services.”

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Mainstream cryptocurrency adoption

These collaborations signify the company’s endeavors to integrate cryptocurrency into mainstream usage.

In September 2023, Grab unveiled a Web3 feature that provided users with NFT vouchers for renowned restaurants and services during the previous year’s international racing event, the F1 Grand Prix, hosted in Singapore.


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