Burnt Banksy unveils XION mainnet, introducing USDC for wide usage

  • Burnt Banksy has announced XION’s mainnet launch, introducing fully-reserved digital dollars, USDC, for general usage.
  • During an exclusive New York performance, Burnt Banksy announced XION’s launch while engulfing both himself and the logo in flames.
  • XION becomes the first blockchain for mainstream adoption and utilises USDC as its primary transaction currency.

CoinDesk reports that Burnt Banksy, the founder of Burnt, a Web3 platform, has declared the launch of XION’s mainnet. The platform is designed for general usage and will utilise fully-reserved digital dollars, known as USDC, as its primary form of payment.

XION mainnet announcement in New York show

USDC, a fully reserved stablecoin categorised as a type of cryptocurrency or digital dollar, is engineered to maintain value equivalence to the U.S. dollar.

Last year, Burnt Banksy, the founder of the business formerly known as Burnt Finance, announced his XION mainnet project and rebranded his firm to simply Burnt.

During Burnt’s exclusive performance in New York, the founder announced the news while setting XION on fire and setting himself ablaze.

According to the Burnt Banksy team: “The announcement was made as part of Burnt’s exclusive performance in New York, during which the founder lit himself on fire and subsequently set XION aflame, symbolising a new light for the crypto industry.”

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About XION

XION is the inaugural blockchain specifically crafted for widespread adoption and the utilisation of USDC as its primary currency for transactions.

The announcement was made by a representative of Burnt Banksy’s performance, and the launch ceremony happened on Wednesday in Brooklyn.


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