Allpay cards and SPICA team up, promising 100% recyclable credit cards

  • Allpay Cards and SPICA, a pioneer in producing recycled and virgin PVC material, have joined forces to establish an innovative sustainability standard in card manufacturing.
  • With SPICA’s materials, Allpay Cards guarantees that its manufactured cards are entirely recyclable, furthering the company’s commitment to the environment.
  • This partnership solidifies Allpay Cards’ position as the sole UK card manufacturer with such a setup.

Allpay Cards has teamed up with SPICA, a leading producer of high-performance recycled and virgin PVC material, to establish an innovative sustainability standard in card manufacturing.

Cards’ green manufacturing

Through the use of SPICA’s material, Allpay Cards guarantees that the cards that are manufactured are totally recyclable.

This collaboration solidifies Allpay Cards’ unique standing as the only card manufacturer in the UK with such an advanced setup, underscoring its dedication to environmental stewardship.

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SPICA implements circular economy

By adopting a “REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE” strategy in place of the conventional “TAKE-MAKE-DISPOSE” paradigm, SPICA has completely transformed its business processes.

This closed-loop technology includes a thorough take-back program in addition to encouraging the regeneration of fresh material from leftover card materials.

By including both post-consumer and post-industrial waste, this program guarantees a 100% circular approach and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to sustainability.


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