AliExpress signs David Beckham as ambassador to boost sales

  • AliExpress has signed former England soccer captain David Beckham as a brand ambassador to enhance its global presence and compete with rivals.
  • Alibaba is investing heavily in its international division, including AliExpress, to boost global sales amid slowing domestic e-commerce growth.
  • AliExpress will sponsor the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament, investing in marketing campaigns and discounts to attract online consumers.

AliExpress, a key player in the global e-commerce area, is ramping up its competitive efforts against rivals like PDD Holdings’ Temu. In a strategic move to bolster its international sales and brand presence, AliExpress has enlisted former England soccer captain David Beckham as a brand ambassador. This partnership comes as AliExpress prepares to sponsor the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament, signaling its commitment to attracting a broader audience and strengthening its position in the global market.

AliExpress’s competitive strategy

AliExpress, owned by Chinese giant Alibaba, is intensifying its efforts to compete with rivals like PDD Holdings’ Temu in the global e-commerce market. Recognising the need to bolster its international sales, AliExpress has made significant investments in expanding its global presence.

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David Beckham partnership

In a strategic move to enhance its brand image and reach a wider audience, AliExpress has enlisted former England soccer captain David Beckham as a brand ambassador. This partnership aims to leverage Beckham’s global appeal and influence to attract more customers to AliExpress.

UEFA Euro 2024 sponsorship

AliExpress has secured sponsorship for the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 tournament, slated to commence in June. The e-commerce platform plans to invest millions of dollars in discounts, deals, and engagement activities during the event to drive online consumer participation.

Competitive landscape and challenges

AliExpress faces stiff competition from rivals like Temu, which has gained popularity since its launch in 2022. Alibaba is striving to catch up in markets where it has ceded ground to competitors. Despite its logistical advantages and aggressive investment strategies, AliExpress must differentiate itself to win market share in the fiercely competitive global e-commerce landscape.


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