AI-Backed ELSA Secures $45.5M in Series C Funding

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ELSA has successfully concluded a Series C funding round, securing $45.5 million. The funding, led by UOB Venture Management, brings ELSA’s total capital to $60 million. The English language learning platform, in turn, has reiterated its commitment to cutting-edge language education technology.

The highlight of this milestone is the introduction of ELSA AI Tutor, a feature using advanced generative AI. This innovation offers tailored guidance on pronunciation, grammar, tone, and conversation to language learners. The AI Tutor’s capabilities are backed by years of speech recognition data.

Investment Powerhouse  

Joining UOB Venture Management are investors including UniPresident, Aozora Bank, Vietnam Investments Group (VIG), and the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ). Existing backers, Gradient Ventures, Monk’s Hill Ventures, and Global Ventures, have reaffirmed their support. Moreover, Clarissa Loh, Senior Director at UOB, has joined ELSA’s board.

ELSA’s CEO, Vu Van, outlined expansion plans. They plan to increase their presence in Taiwan, venture into the Middle East and Turkey markets, and expand in Japan. They will also focus on business-to-business opportunities, empowering individuals with stronger English skills to open doors to global job opportunities.

Elevating English Learning with ELSA AI Tutor  

The star of ELSA’s offering, the ELSA AI Tutor, replicates lifelike conversations. Drawing from its extensive speech recognition data, this AI tutor provides real-time feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and cadence. It guides learners in using appropriate language and tone for professional settings. Customizable lessons, based on user performance history, enable individuals to engage in live conversation scenarios, even when access to a human tutor is limited.

Clarissa Loh explained how AI can transform education. It can make learning much more affordable, opening opportunities through language skills. This can open up job opportunities, especially in developing countries. ELSA is set to enter into new markets, particularly in Southeast Asia.

A Bright Future for ELSA  

ELSA’s Series C funding marks a significant step in English language learning. With ELSA AI Tutor at its core, the platform will reshape how individuals worldwide improve their English proficiency. The company, with offices in San Francisco, Lisbon, and Ho Chi Minh City, continues to drive innovation in language education. They are looking to meet the demand for accessible and effective language learning solutions in an increasingly connected world.


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