AI and blockchain need each other, says 10SQ’s report

  • The TenSquared Research Team highlights the potential for blockchain and AI synergy to enrich the technological landscape, foreseeing a complementary relationship that enhances both technologies.
  • Founder Stan Miroshnik asserts the reciprocal need for blockchain and AI in driving industry evolution.

In recent years, significant technological advancements have occurred within the realms of artificial intelligence and blockchain, each progressing independently. While both sectors are attaining distinct levels of mainstream adoption, a recent report suggests that they are also encountering challenges that could potentially be mitigated through collaboration.

As technology progresses, the synergy of blockchain and AI has the potential to complement and enhance each other, leading to a more varied and enriched technological landscape, as stated by the TenSquared Research Team.

TenSquared (10SQ), a growth equity firm concentrating on inflection point investing, reveals the unbreakable relationship between blockchain and AI through the following perspectives:

Blockchain resolves AI data trust issues

AI, a rapidly advancing technology reshaping businesses, sees swift enterprise adoption. Nevertheless, a critical trust issue arises—distinguishing real data from fake becomes challenging.

Blockchain offers a crucial framework to establish the authenticity and origin of on-chain content. Cryptographic digital signatures play a key role, in verifying content creators by validating the signature through a corresponding public key. These signatures employ encryption and public-key cryptography to sign and authenticate digital content.

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Blockchain enhances AI data privacy

Privacy breaches are a significant concern for AI, as the extensive datasets required for these systems pose a risk of identity theft and cyberbullying.

Blockchain allows the creation of encrypted networks. When combined with AI, blockchain technology has the potential to offer more robust and secure cybersecurity solutions.

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Businesses view blockchain and AI as complementary

An increasing percentage of businesses are utilising blockchain to ensure their AI systems are running more safely and effectively, says a new Casper Labs poll.

The combined advantages of blockchain and AI show that these are, in fact, strengthening solutions that work well together.

Founder of 10SQ Stan Miroshnik stated, “I think blockchain needs AI more than the other way around,” regardless of whether the industry acknowledges this.


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