5 top AI stocks for 2024

  • Nvidia has benefited significantly from the AI surge, dominating the GPU market for data centers crucial for machine learning phases. Their upgraded AI computing platform, HGX H200, and advancements in autonomous driving technology underscore their pivotal role in the AI infrastructure.
  • Companies like Alphabet and Microsoft are leveraging generative AI for enhancing operations and creating new content. Alphabet’s AI tools in Google Cloud and Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service demonstrate the widespread application of AI in enhancing productivity and creating market opportunities.
  • The AI market is rapidly expanding, with projected spending hitting $297 billion in 2023. AI’s integration ranges from everyday business operations to complex systems like self-driving cars and AI-driven healthcare innovations, highlighting its deep penetration across various sectors.

The AI sector is witnessing a substantial boom, led by companies like Nvidia, which has capitalised on the demand for GPUs in AI data centers. Nvidia’s growth is complemented by its new AI computing platform, HGX H200, showcasing its pivotal role in AI infrastructure. Alphabet and Microsoft are pushing generative AI forward, with Alphabet integrating AI into Google Cloud and Microsoft expanding its Azure OpenAI services.

Overall, the AI market’s rapid expansion, projected to reach $297 billion in spending by 2023, underscores the significant growth and integration of AI technologies in various industries and everyday applications.

1. Nvidia leads AI

Nvidia has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the AI sector by focusing on GPUs that are essential for both the training and inference phases in AI data centers. Their technology not only supports AI’s foundational needs but also empowers the computing demands of autonomous vehicles, contributing significantly to their growth and revenue.

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2. Alphabet’s generative push

Alphabet has made significant strides in generative AI, notably with its own AI chatbot Gemini, designed to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Their deep integration of AI across Google Cloud and Workspace enhances user experiences and productivity, particularly in automated content creation and data handling.

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3. Microsoft’s AI integration

Microsoft is enhancing its suite of services with AI, integrating GPT features into products like Azure, Office, and its Edge browser. Their $10 billion investment in OpenAI underscores a strategic commitment to leading in AI technology, focusing on both consumer applications and cloud-based AI solutions.

4. Amazon’s AI expansion

Amazon leverages AI across its numerous platforms, from e-commerce recommendations to voice-activated technologies like Alexa. Their development of AI chips and the deployment of machine learning models through AWS highlight their extensive use of AI to maintain efficiency and competitiveness in various market segments.

5. Arista Network boosts AI efficiency

Arista Networks offers solutions for connecting GPUs and storage systems with IP/Ethernet switches, which are essential for AI and machine learning. Arista’s high-performance switches improve AI workload performance and make network operations easier. Their offerings include network switches, routers, and a range of software tools that enhance network performance, security, and manageability.

The business has demonstrated strong financial performance, as seen by a 102.5% one-year return. The substantial historical rise in profits per share (EPS) indicates steady profitability and effective operational management, which underpins this impressive return. Arista’s predicted future EPS growth is also likely to follow this trajectory, demonstrating investor confidence in the business’s continued performance.


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