SNSKIES: Bespoke cybersecurity solutions and networking events for enterprises

  • SNSKIES is a leading IT solutions provider, specializing in information security, cybersecurity, system integration, and product development for enterprise businesses in the region.
  • SNSKIES offers tailored cybersecurity solutions, staying ahead of technology trends to address emerging challenges. The team is dedicated to delivering top-tier services while upholding ethical and regulatory standards.
  • SNSKIES provides Security Device Management (SDM) for continuous security device management. They also offer Cloud Consulting and Containerization Consulting services. Meanwhile, SNSKIES organizes industry events like the National Cert Conference to raise awareness and promote thought leadership in cybersecurity.

Since its inception, SNSKIES Pakistan has been making success stories for over 14 years. The company is a strategic information security, cybersecurity, system integration, and product development company that empowers leading enterprise businesses across the region. SNSKIES is recognized as a leading information technology solutions provider and delivers strategic and financial value to a diverse range of sectors, including Telecoms, Service Providers, Financial Institutions, and Government Agencies.

Unparalleled technical expertise

At SNSKIES, the team prides itself on its unparalleled technical expertise. The company maintains the industry’s highest technical vs. sales workforce ratio, with a remarkable 80% of its workforce comprising technical engineers and consultants. This unique blend of talent ensures that the team not only understands the intricacies of technology but also possesses the strategic insight to align it with clients’ business goals.

Bespoke cybersecurity solutions

SNSKIES offers bespoke cybersecurity solutions and services designed to help its clients evolve securely with a competitive edge. The company stays at the forefront of technology trends, allowing it to anticipate and address emerging challenges in the cybersecurity landscape. The team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering top-tier services, setting industry standards, and upholding the highest ethical and regulatory standards.

Highlighted service – Security Device Management (SDM)

One of the highlighted services offered by SNSKIES is Security Device Management (SDM). This involves continuous management of security devices, firewall configuration and management, intrusion detection and prevention system, web gateway management, web application firewall management, and network and email DLP management. With SDM, clients can manage their firewall rule base, group definitions, network routing tables, and ACLs with ease.

Cloud Consulting Services

SNSKIES offers Cloud Consulting Services that provide a reduction in IT resources and expenses while increasing productivity and time-to-market. The company supports its customers with Cloud Migration Assessments, AWS Migration Assessments, and Azure Migration Assessments to match with clients’ enterprise’s digital strategy and have a smooth transition to the Cloud Ecosystem. AWS and Azure are the company’s committed cloud partners.

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Containerization Consulting

SNSKIES also offers Containerization Consulting to assist businesses with the decoupling of monolithic programs into microservices and subsequent containerization of on-premises applications for cloud deployment. Containerization is a promising digital technology that makes it easier to migrate monolithic applications to the cloud and is essential for Microservices Deployment. Enterprises primarily benefit from container systems on AWS and Azure to achieve agility, flexible scaling, and better deployment.

Networking – National Cert Conference

SNSKIES is committed to bringing thought leadership and industry awareness to the community. The company organizes events and conferences such as the National Cert Conference, 2021. This was Pakistan’s first National CERT Conference, which aimed to strengthen the country’s digital defense system and make state institutions aware of the latest cyber threats, attack methodologies, attacker’s disguise, maneuvering, reconnaissance, and then briefing them on techniques & tools to mitigate these risks. The conference was a great milestone in raising cybersecurity awareness in Pakistan and concluded with honorable Dr. Sohail Rajput (Federal Secretary MoIT) presenting shields to the distinguished guests.

At SNSKIES, the team is not just a company; they are a driving force behind safeguarding the digital landscape and enhancing cybersecurity. The company is poised to empower clients across a variety of sectors to thrive in the digital era. Join SNSKIES on this journey as they fortify the digital landscape together.


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