SecureBrain joins Hitachi Systems for enhanced cybersecurity

  • Hitachi Systems, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., announces merger with SecureBrain Corporation to enhance global managed security services.
  • SecureBrain, specializing in cybersecurity since 2004, brings expertise to Hitachi Systems, expanding its managed security solutions.
  • The merger aligns with Hitachi Systems’ 2024 Medium-Term Management Plan, focusing on digitalization, green transformation, and global expansion strategies.

Hitachi Systems, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., announces the merger of a cyber security specialist SecureBrain Corporation, effective April 1, 2024. This strategic move aims to bolster Hitachi Systems’ managed security services business globally by leveraging SecureBrain’s expertise in cybersecurity.

SecureBrain, a specialist in cybersecurity since its establishment in 2004, joined the Hitachi Systems group in 2014, expanding its services to include managed security solutions. With the increasing complexity of online threats, SecureBrain has been at the forefront of delivering IT security to enterprises providing web services.

Aligned with the objectives of the 2024 Medium-Term Management Plan, Hitachi Systems is focusing on digitalization services, green transformation, managed services, and global expansion as key growth strategies. The merger with SecureBrain will play a crucial role in achieving these goals.

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By combining SecureBrain’s advanced technologies, such as mobile application security services and anti-ransomware solutions, with Hitachi Systems’ sales capabilities, the merger aims to create innovative security solutions. This collaboration will enhance Hitachi Systems’ managed security services offerings and expand its global market presence.

Through collaboration with other Hitachi Group companies and Hitachi Systems’ overseas subsidiaries, the merger will also facilitate the expansion of SecureBrain’s human resources and security products and services on a global scale. Post-merger, SecureBrain’s flagship products like “PhishWall” anti-phishing solution and “GRED”, a SaaS-type website scanner and vulnerability assessment service, will continue to be developed and offered under its brand.

About Hitachi Systems

Committed to sustainability and social innovation, Hitachi Systems aims to contribute to a prosperous society. Leveraging its expertise and service infrastructure, it offers digitalization services, including Hitachi’s Lumada, to address real-world challenges. Collaborating with partners, it provides comprehensive support for clients’ digital transformations, enhancing societal, environmental, and economic value while striving to improve overall quality of life and customer satisfaction.


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