Nexthop and Scape Australia double connectivity reach

• Nexthop and Scape Australia have expanded their partnership to 29 locations across key Australian cities.
• The enhanced connectivity is crucial for supporting students’ academic needs in a digital learning environment.
• Nexthop’s scalable network solutions facilitate smooth data operations, crucial for both educational and business applications.

Nexthop expands partnership

Nexthop has significantly expanded its partnership with Scape Australia, effectively doubling the availability of its multi-gigabit fibre services. This expansion now includes 29 key locations in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, reflecting a substantial increase from the initial 16 sites.

Enhancing student connectivity

In an era where digital learning tools such as online courses and virtual labs are prevalent, reliable high-speed internet is vital. Nexthop’s expansion ensures that students living in Scape accommodations have access to high-quality internet, essential for their academic success. Features such as improved download speeds and reduced lag during lectures enhance their learning experience.

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Scalable network solutions

Nexthop’s robust fibre network is designed to handle large-scale data transfers efficiently, supporting seamless expansions across sites and services. This scalability is crucial for meeting the growing demands of both educational and business applications, ensuring smooth operations even under heavy data transfer conditions.


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