Ingram Micro: Maximising productivity with AI

  • Successful AI productivity tools webinar hosted by Ingram Micro New Zealand.
  • Focused on AI within the Microsoft suite to boost business efficiency.
  • Supported by sponsors: HP, Microsoft Surface, Dell Technologies, MSI, Lenovo.

Ingram Micro host AI productivity webinar

Last week, Ingram Micro New Zealand hosted a webinar titled ‘Maximising Productivity with AI‘, drawing over 100 attendees. The event, co-hosted with Using Technology Better, focused on the transformative capabilities of AI within the Microsoft suite. The session provided insights into how businesses can utilise these advanced tools to enhance productivity, efficiency, and overall performance.

Focus on AI within the Microsoft suite

The webinar delved into practical applications of AI within Microsoft tools. Attendees learned about various AI-driven features and how they can be implemented to streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and improve operational efficiency. The discussions emphasised the significant impact of AI on boosting business productivity and the competitive edge it can provide.

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Support from major tech sponsors

Ingram Micro extended their gratitude to sponsors—HP, Microsoft Surface, Dell Technologies, MSI, and Lenovo—for their support in making this event possible. Their contributions were instrumental in the successful execution of the event, ensuring a valuable experience for all participants.


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