Megaport and Wasabi: Direct cloud storage connection

  • Rising demand for cloud resources prompts innovative solutions from providers like Wasabi, offering agility and affordability.
  • Megaport and Wasabi partner to provide direct connectivity options for users worldwide, enhancing data storage solutions.
  • Enterprises can establish direct links between data centers and cloud providers, optimizing cloud storage capabilities with ease.

The demand for cloud resources is on the rise, prompting innovative solutions from cloud storage providers like Wasabi. These platforms offer agility and cost-effectiveness, addressing the complexities and expenses often associated with major hyperscale cloud providers.

Businesses increasingly seek reliable and efficient cloud storage solutions, especially with the growth of cloud-native applications. However, relying solely on major providers can lead to complexity and high costs.

Independent cloud storage platforms like Wasabi offer a solution. They provide simplicity and affordability without sacrificing performance. Developers, enterprises, and organizations are turning to Wasabi for its user-friendly interface, transparent pricing, and high-performance storage capabilities.

Wasabi’s appeal lies in its ability to streamline cloud storage infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

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Megaport and Wasabi offer direct connectivity options for customers worldwide

Megaport and Wasabi partner for seamless data storage solutions

Megaport and Wasabi have joined forces to offer direct connectivity options for customers worldwide. Through Megaport’s global network, users can easily access Wasabi’s cloud storage platform for fast, reliable, and secure data storage solutions. This connection, accessible on-demand, is fully automated via Megaport and Wasabi APIs.

Enterprises can establish direct links between data centers and cloud providers, facilitating efficient data transfer and access to cloud storage resources. This partnership enables businesses to optimize their cloud storage capabilities and enhance overall cloud infrastructure performance and flexibility.

Starting with this service is straightforward. Users can connect to Wasabi through the Megaport portal, accessing their accounts and configuring connections with ease.

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About Megaport – to the cloud, and beyond

Megaport’s mission is to transform traditional networking by emphasizing consumer empowerment through control, choice, and cost-efficiency. Enterprises embracing these principles can make informed decisions today while preparing for the future. Prioritizing global availability, scalable bandwidth, and on-demand consumption, the company aims to provide consumers with the connectivity they need, fostering closer collaboration among businesses worldwide.

About Wasabi

Catering to clients worldwide across various sectors, Wasabi delivers scalable cloud storage solutions known for their exceptional performance and cost-efficiency. With Wasabi, businesses can seamlessly handle and expand their cloud storage needs, facilitating quicker application development and deployment.


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