LANCK Telecom wins Platinum Award for Best AGT/AIT Fraud Solution

  • LANCK Telecom earns Platinum Winner title for “Best AGT/AIT Fraud Solution” at Future Digital Awards 2024 by Juniper Research.
  • Company’s AI technology identifies over 53 million fraud attacks annually with a remarkable 99.995% detection accuracy.
  • LANCK Telecom’s continuous innovation in fraud prevention recognised by consecutive awards, underscoring its commitment to excellence in telecom sector.

LANCK Telecom has won the Platinum Award for the “Best AGT/AIT Fraud Solution” in the Security & Fraud Innovation category at the Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation 2024, presented by Juniper Research.

Expertise in AGT/AIT prevention

LANCK Telecom’s expertise in AGT/AIT prevention surpasses traditional Fraud Management Systems. The company actively researches and educates the industry on AGT/AIT fraud, offering its AI technology and decades of experience and insights through consistent engagement with leading industry associations and workgroups.

In an industry often dependent on manual or semi-automatic tools, LANCK Telecom’s AI technology shines. It efficiently identifies and prevents sophisticated fraud scenarios early on, undertaking complex detection tasks that would typically necessitate specialised professional teams. The company’s approach is proactive, addressing emerging fraud challenges with forward-thinking solutions.

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Comprehensive Voice and SMS FMS solutions

While LANCK Telecom has been a significant player in voice fraud management since 2017, its journey into SMS anti-fraud measures began more recently. In 2023, the company introduced the FOUNDATION FMS, marking its entry into SMS fraud prevention. This recent advancement has already demonstrated remarkable success, largely influenced by seven years of experience and refinement in voice fraud management.

The AI system, a key component of LANCK Telecom’s success, effectively identifies over 53 million fraud attacks annually and safeguards $6 million in revenue each month. Serving 190 global partners, the company combats evolving telecom fraud with an impressive 99.995% detection accuracy.

Consistent recognition and innovation

LANCK Telecom’s commitment to excellence in telecom fraud prevention was similarly acknowledged at the previous year’s Future Digital Awards by Juniper Research, where it was honoured as the Platinum Winner for the “Best Robocall Mitigation Solution.” The consecutive recognition from Juniper Research underscores LANCK Telecom’s continual dedication to innovative advancements in the telecom sector.

About LANCK Telecom

LANCK Telecom is a global telecommunications company with a diverse team that embraces various cultures and languages. Established in 2001, the company’s primary objective is to provide high-quality telecommunication services worldwide.

Over the past two decades, LANCK Telecom has built a strong partnership with more than 1,500 collaborators across hundreds of countries. The company has established points of presence in major interconnect centers in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and Latam.

As an international carrier, LANCK Telecom collaborates with leading telecommunication providers worldwide and offers exceptional voice and SMS traffic, FMS, Roaming, and other related services. The company’s commitment to providing top-notch enterprise communication services has earned them a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy, and innovative telecom service provider.


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