Expressway Authority of Thailand spearheads toll reduction initiative

  • The Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) is negotiating toll reductions on the Ngamwongwan-Rama 9 expressway, aiming to ease financial burdens on motorists and enhance road usage efficiency.
  • Under its vision of “Innovation for better drive and better life”, EXAT is committed to improving expressway services, managing assets efficiently, and fostering sustainable growth.
  • Strategic adjustments, including extending concession periods and revenue-sharing models, are being considered to mitigate potential revenue losses for concessionaires while addressing urban congestion and environmental concerns.

The Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) has announced a pivotal negotiation to reduce the maximum toll on the Ngamwongwan-Rama 9 double-deck expressway from 90 baht to 50 baht, in a move aimed at alleviating the financial strain on motorists. This initiative is part of a broader strategy by EXAT to enhance road usage efficiency and support sustainable urban transport.

Driving innovations and enhancements

Under the slogan “Innovation for better drive and better life”, EXAT’s vision encapsulates a commitment to improving the daily commute while fostering a higher quality of life for all road users. This vision is supported by a multifaceted mission that includes developing and improving expressways to meet safety and standard requirements, introducing innovative services, managing assets efficiently, and fostering sustainable organizational growth.

The proposed toll adjustments on the Ngamwongwan-Rama 9 route, a vital 17-kilometer stretch connecting significant urban hubs, are expected to come into effect by August, as stated by Transport Minister Suriya Juangroongruangkit. With toll rates revised to range between 25 baht and 50 baht, the affordability of daily commutes is set to improve significantly.

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Strategic adjustments and challenges

However, these reductions come with financial implications for Bangkok Expressway and Metro (BEM), the concessionaire. To compensate for potential revenue losses, EXAT plans to extend BEM’s concession period and adjust the revenue-sharing model. These strategic financial adjustments are necessary to maintain the operational viability of the expressway while ensuring the concessionaire’s sustainability.

Moreover, the EXAT is not just focusing on toll reductions but is also planning to extend the Ngamwongwan-Rama 9 expressway further. This extension aims to alleviate the severe traffic congestion currently plaguing the Ngamwongwan-Phaya Thai-Rama 9 section of the Si Rat expressway, especially around Phaya Thai, where daily vehicle usage exceeds 400,000.

Future-oriented and community-focused

Part of EXAT’s strategic issues includes extending the network to provide sustainable expressway services and maximizing asset usage. These strategies are aligned with building sustainability for society and the environment, positioning EXAT as a forward-thinking organization in the expressway industry.

The expressway sector faces ongoing challenges such as urban congestion, environmental concerns, and the need for continuous technological integration. Innovations in smart transportation solutions and eco-friendly infrastructure development are becoming increasingly crucial in addressing these challenges effectively.

Through these initiatives, EXAT is reinforcing its commitment to enhancing the operational potential of Thailand’s expressway network, thereby contributing to social benefits and sustainable urban development. This approach not only addresses immediate transport needs but also sets the stage for future innovations that will continue to transform the landscape of urban mobility in Thailand.

About the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT)

The Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) is at the forefront of revolutionizing the nation’s transportation landscape, guided by its visionary motto, “Innovation for better drive and better life.” Committed to providing exceptional expressway services and driving sustainable urban development, EXAT is dedicated to realising its mission and addressing strategic issues crucial for the future of transportation in Thailand.


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